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Rolde is a village in the municipality of Aa en Hunze, province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. As of 2020, about 3.800 people lived in the village. Rolde also was a municipality until 1998.


Roman province

In Ancient Rome, a province was the basic and, until around 300, largest territorial and administrative unit of the empires territorial possessions outside of the peninsula of Italy. The word province in modern English came from the term used by ...





Romanija is a mountain, karst plateau, and area in the Republika Srpska. Many towns are in the area, such as Pale, Sokolac, and Han Pijesak. The highest point on the mountain is Veliki Lupoglav. A football club from the nearby town of Pale, FK Ro ...


Rome Square (Jerusalem)

Rome Square is a public square in Jerusalem, Israel. The square was dedicated in 2009 during the visit of the mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno. The square in located next to the Italian Jews Museum and the Italian Synagogue in Jerusalem.



Romhild is a German city in the south of Thuringia. Next bigger cities are Hildburghausen and Coburg. Its population is ca. 2.000. Its mayor is Klaus-Jurgen Theilig. It is the county seat of the Gleichberge verwaltungsgemeinschaft


Ronald Reagan Park, Gdansk

The Ronald Reagan Park is located in the neighborhood of Przymorze Wielkie, Gdansk, Poland. It was built between 2003 and 2006 out of formerly barren lands. It covers 40 hectares. It honors US President Ronald Reagan, who was considered for playi ...


Ronneby Municipality


Roper River

The Roper River is in the Northern Territory of Australia. It flows east for 400 km from near Mataranka before it flows into the Gulf of Carpentaria. The Roper was first explored by Europens in 1845, when the explorer Ludwig Leichardt crossed on ...



Rosario is a city in the center-east of Argentina, about 300 km NW from Buenos Aires. It is the main city of Santa Fe Province. As of 2008 Rosario metropolitan area has a population of around 1.300.000 inhabitants, making it Argentinas 3rd larges ...


Rose rock



Rosenheim is a city in Upper Bavaria, Germany. It does not belong to a rural district, but it is an urban district itself. The rivers of the Inn and the Mangfall come together in Rosenheim.


Rosenheim (district)


Ross Hotel

The Ross Park is an old hotel in the Chilean city of Pichilemu. It was created by Agustin Ross Edwards in 1885, and remodeled in December 1987. The park is located on Agustin Ross Avenue, in front of the old Ross Casino. The hotel was originally ...



Ross-on-Wye is a town in south eastern Herefordshire with 10.700 people as of 2011. The town is on the River Wye and next to the Forest of Dean.


Rostam County

Rostam County is a county in Fars Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Masiri. At the 2006 census, the countys population was 45.377, in 9.134 families. The county is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and Sorna Distric ...



Rostock is a city in the northeast of Germany. It is in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It has over 200.000 people 204.260 in December 2011 and an old university founded in 1419. The town is on the river Warnow. The mayor is Roland Me ...



Rostov is one of the oldest towns in Russia. It was first mentioned in the year 862 as an already important town. By the 13th century Rostov became the capital of an important area. Now it is an important tourist centre of the so-called Golden ri ...



Rostrevor is a village in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is on Carlingford Lough and the hill of Slieve Martin, at the base of the Mourne Mountains and on the Kilbroney River. It had a population of 2.444 in the 2001 Census. The town is known ...



Rosyth is most famous for its naval dockyard. Superfast Ferries services between Rosyth and Zeebrugge Belgium ended in September, 2008, however they will be operated by another operator, Norfolkline, with services starting around May 2009.



Rotherham is a town in South Yorkshire, England. It lies on the River Don, close to its confluence with the River Rother, between Sheffield and Doncaster. Its football club, Rotherham United F.C., was founded in 1870.



Rotherhithe is a residential district in south east London. It is part of the London Borough of Southwark. Historically, the area was the most northeastern settlement in the county of Surrey. It is located on a peninsula on the South Bank of the ...


Rottenbach (river)



Rottumeroog is an uninhabited small island of the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. It belongs to the municipality of Het Hogeland. It covers an area of 2.5 km². Rottumeroog makes part of the West Frisian Islands Dutch: Waddeneilanden. It i ...



Rottumerplaat is an uninhabited small island of the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. It belongs to the municipality of Het Hogeland. It covers an area of 7.8 km². Rottumerplaat makes part of the West Frisian Islands Dutch: Waddeneilanden. ...



Rotuma is a volcanic island about 465 km south of Fiji. It covers an area of about 43 km 2. It has been a part of Fiji since 1881. While the Fijian Islands are Melanesian, Rotuma is isolated far to the north. Its people and culture are more close ...







Rovaniemi is a town in Lapland, in northern Finland. Rovaniemi is very close to the Arctic Circle. The population was over 61.000 in January 2014. The area is huge in typical European scale. Neigbouring municipalities are Kittila, Sodankyla, Kola ...




Mount Rowan (Victoria)

Mount Rowan is a small extinct volcano on the edge of the city of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. It was also known as Waldies Hill. It is 518 metres above sea level. The lava flows from the volcano are thought to be from 2.1 million to 2.9 millio ...




Royal Bafokeng Stadium

The stadium will host the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Is one of the 10 stadiums where World Cup games will be played. 2010 World Cup Matches All times are given in South African Standard time UTC+2.


Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames


Royal Docks

Royal Docks is an area in the London Borough of Newham in the London Docklands in East London, England. Royal Docks is also a ward of the London Borough of Newham. At the 2011 Census the ward had a population of 10.679. North Woolwich is part of ...


Royal Exhibition Building

The Royal Exhibition Building is in Carlton, Victoria, Australia. When it was built in 1880, it was the largest building in Australia and the tallest building in Melbourne. It is listed as a World Heritage site. It is the only 19th century exhibi ...


Royal Observatory, Greenwich

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich was commissioned in 1675 by King Charles II. At this time the king also created the position of Astronomer Royal, for John Flamsteed, to serve as the director of the observatory. He was to "apply himself with the ...



Royston is a town near the A 505 road in North Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, England. In 2001 there were 14.570 people living in Royston. Royston is a very historic town as it has the meridian of time running through it. We also have the Roy ston ...



Rozaje is a town in Montenegro. In 2011, 9.422 people lived there. The river Ibar travels through the city.



Rozendaal is a village and municipality in the Province of Gelderland, the Netherlands. About 1.500 people were living in the municipality in 2017. Rozendaal lies at the southern edge of the nature reserve of the Veluwe, and consists of heath and ...


Mount Ruapehu


Rub al Khali

The Rub al Khali or Empty Quarter is a desert in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest sand deserts in the world. It covers an area of about 650.000 square kilometres, more than all of Holland, Belgium and France together. Some of the sand dunes ...



The Rubicon is a river that flows into the Adriatic Sea south of Ravenna, Italy. In the time of Julius Caesar, a river with this name was the border between the Roman province Gallia Cisalpina, and Italy, which was not a province at the time. The ...





Rugen is the biggest island in Germany. There are several cities on the island. These include: Putbus, Garz, Binz, Bergen auf Rugen, Sassnizt, Glowe, Trent, Schaprode and Gohren. The island has a 77.000 population. The island is about 926 square ...



Ruggell is a village in Liechtenstein. As of 2008, the population was 1.932 residents. The geography of the village is mostly mountainous. It is near the international borders of Switzerland and Austria.




Ruhr Area

The Ruhr Area is an urban area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Many of the cities in the Ruhrgebiet used to have a lot of heavy industry. The Ruhr Area is bordered by the rivers Ruhr River to the south, Rhine River to the west, and Lippe to t ...





Ruma is a town and municipality in the Srem District of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia. As of 2011, 30.076 people lived there.

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