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Tempelhof-Schoneberg is one of the new borough of Berlin, formed in 2001 by merging the old boroughs of Tempelhof and Schoneberg. Tempelhof-Schoneberg has an area of 53.09 km 2 20.5 sq mi and has, as of November 2004, about 335.000 inhabitants. I ...


Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is a religious site in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a holy place in Judaism and Islam. In Judaism it is the location of the two Jewish Temples, and is believed to be the place where Adam was born, where Adam built an altar fo ...



The actual Temuco was founded by Manuel Recabarren naming the place like Fuerte Recabarren Fort Recabarren during the Occupation of the Araucania on 1881.


Temuco Catholic University

The Temuco Catholic University is a Chilean university in Temuco. This university is part of the Chilean Traditional Universities.







Tenkodogo is a city in Burkina Faso. It is the seventh largest city in Burkina Faso. A census taken in 2006 stated that 40.839 people lived in the city; 20.093 were male and 20.756 were female.


Tennant Creek, Northern Territory

Tennant Creek is a small town in the Northern Territory of Australia, about 500 km north of Alice Springs and 1000 km south of Darwin. There are about 3.500 people living in the town. The area is part of the Barkly Tablelands, a large flat grassy ...




Tepelene District

The District of Tepelene is one of the thirty-six districts of Albania. It is part of Gjirokaster County. There are 23.800 people. The capital is Tepelene.


Ter (river)

The Ter is a Spanish river. It is 208 kilometres long. It runs through the comarques of Ripolles, Osona, Selva, Girones, and Baix Empordà. It ends at the Mediterranean Sea at lEstartit.



The Terai or Tarai is a region of northern India and southern Nepal. The Terai is a strip of natural marshland bordering the Yamuna River to the west and the Brahmaputra River to the east. To the north of the Terai are the Himalayas. The marshy a ...






River Tern

The River Tern, also sometimes known as the River Tearne, is a river in Shropshire, a county of England. It rises north-east of Market Drayton, a town in the north of the county. Its source is said to be the lake in the grounds of Maer Hall in St ...



Terneuzen, Zeelandic and East Flemish: Terneuzen or Neuzen, is a municipality and town in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, Province of Zeeland, the Netherlands. About 55.000 people were living in the municipality in 2017. About 25.000 people were living in the ...



Ternopil is a city in western Ukraine. It is also the administrative centre of the Ternopil region. The city has about 245.000 inhabitants and lies on the Siret River.


Ternopil Oblast

Ternopil Oblast is an oblast of western Ukraine. The administrative centre is Ternopil. The population of Ternopil Oblast was 1.075.000 in 2013.


Terra nullius

Terra nullius means unclaimed territory. It is the correct term in international law. It means land which does not belong to any state. The term comes from the Latin, meaning Nobodys thing. There is also an expression no mans land, but that does ...





Terschelling is an island and municipality of the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. In 2016 the municipality had about 4.800 people. The municipality covers an area of 674 km², the island an area of 86 km². Terschelling makes part of the We ...



Teruel is a city in Aragon, located in eastern Spain, and is also the capital of Teruel Province. It has a population of 35.675 in 2014 making it the least populated provincial capital in the country.



Tervo is a municipality in Northern Savonia, Finland. It had almost 1.670 living there in January 2014. The municipalities next to it are Keitele, Kuopio, Maaninka, Pielavesi, Rautalampi, Suonenjoki and Vesanto.



Tervola is a municipality in Lapland, Finland. As of January 2014, the municipality had a population of about 3.320. Neighbouring municipalities are Keminmaa, Ranua, Rovaniemi, Simo, Tornio and Ylitornio.



Tetouan is a city in northern Morocco. Tetouan is one of the two major ports of Morocco on the Mediterranean Sea. It lies a few miles south of the Strait of Gibraltar, and about 60 km 40 mi E.S.E. of Tangier. 380.787 people lived there in the 201 ...



Teuschnitz is a town in the district of Kronach, in Bavaria, Germany. It is in the Frankenwald, 19 km north of Kronach, and 15 km east of Sonneberg. The population of Teuschnitz is about 3.000. The mayor of the city is Gabrielle Weber.



Teuva is a municipality in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. There were about 5.700 people living there on 31 January 2014. It is next to the municipalities of Karijoki, Kauhajoki, Kristinestad, Kurikka and Narpes. About 99% of the people living th ...



Tewkesbury is a town and civil parish in northern Gloucestershire, near the border with Worcestershire. The battle of Tewkesbury was fought On 4th May 1471 and was one of the decisive battles of the Wars of the Roses. The River Severn and Avon fl ...



Texel is an island and municipality of the province of North Holland, the Netherlands. In 2016 the municipality had about 13.600 people. The municipality covers an area of 463 km², the island an area of 161 km². Texel makes part of the West Frisi ...



Teylingen is a municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland. In 2019, 37.061 people lived there. It was created on 1 January 2006 from the former municipalities of Sassenheim, Voorhout, and Warmond.



Rudrapath - Shiva shrine Mahabhairav Temple - Shiva shrine Hazara pukhuri- Pond of gupta period Cole Park - Also known as Chitralekha Udyan Ketakeshwar Dewal - Shiva shrine Kolia Bhomora Setu - The 3.015 km long road bridge across the Brahmaputra ...


Thaba-Tseka District


Thai Bình Province


Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen is a city in northern Vietnam. It is only around 63 kilometers away from Hanoi by plane and 85 kilometers away by car. It is famous for growing tea. It was also the first city in Vietnam to have a steel mill. It is also a center of ed ...


Thai Nguyên Province


Thal desert

The Thal desert is situated in Punjab, Pakistan. It is vast area mainly between the Jhelum River and Sindh rivers near the Pothohar Plateau. It is a dry desert with little vegetation - mostly thorny bushes - over a breadth of 70 miles. In Thal th ...



Thame is a town and civil parish in Oxfordshire, England, about 7 miles southwest of the Buckinghamshire town of Aylesbury. In 2001 there were 11.072 people living in Thame.


Thames Embankment

The Embankment now runs on the northern side of the river from Parliament in Westminster to the City of London. It is a continuous four-lane road mostly a double carriageway. It connects with all the bridges along the route from Westminster Bridg ...


Thanamandi Tehsil


Thanh Hoa Province



Thanjavur is a town in Tamil Nadu, India. It was the capital of earlier Chola Kingdom. It is called the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu. Cauvery river flows through Thanjavur.




Thar Desert

The Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert, is a desert. About 85 per cent is in western Republic of India and the rest in southeastern Pakistan. It is mostly in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It extends into the southern portion of H ...




Tharparkar District


Thatta District

Thatta District is in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 1.113.194 of which 11.21% were urban.




Thebes, Greece

Thebes is a city in Central Greece in Boeotia. Today, about 23.000 people live there. It lies on the border of Boeotia and Attica. Archaeologists have found a Mycenaean settlement. They have also found clay tablets written in Linear B script. The ...



Thembisa is a township in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was founded in 1957 to accommodate black South Africans during Apartheid. It has about 19.000 people.



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