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Bengal is a divided region in South Asia that is split between two countries - Bangladesh and India. Both parts used to be united, although historically part of British India; today West Bengal is part of India and East Bengal is Bangladesh.


Bengal Fan

The Bengal Fan, also known as the Ganges Fan, is the largest submarine fan on Earth. The fan is about 3.000 km long, 1.430 km wide. It has a maximum thickness of 16.5 km. The fan was formed by the erosion of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau. ...


Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal is a bay. It is in the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean. The bay is also west of the Malay Peninsula and east of India. It looks like a triangle. It is called the "Bay of Bengal", because to the north are the Indian state o ...



Benghazi is a city and district in Libya. It is the second largest city in the country with 670.797 people. It is also the capital of the Cyrenaica region. It was the former provisional capital of the National Transitional Council. It is on the M ...


Bengo Province

Bengo is a province of Angola. Its capital is Caxito. There are about 450.000 people. The province is bordered by the provinces of Zaire to the North, Uige to the Northeast, Cuanza Norte to the East, and Cuanza Sul to the South. The Kissama Natio ...




Bengtsfors Municipality



Benguela is a city in western Angola. It is the capital of Benguela Province. Benguela is one of Angolas largest cities.


Benguela Province



Benguet is a province of the Philippines located in the southern tip of the Cordillera Administrative Region in the island of Luzon. The capital is La Trinidad.


Beni Suef Governorate

Beni Suef is one of the governorates of Egypt. The capital city is also named Beni Suef. The nearby Meidum pyramid is the only prominent tourist attraction in the area.



Benidorm has favoured the right wing Peoples Party PP since the general elections of 1993. The PP gained control of the local council at the 1995 local elections and won 14 of the 25 council seats in the 1999 and 2003 elections.


Benin City

Benin City is one of the large cities in Nigeria. It is the capital of Edo State in southern Nigeria. It is a located about 25 miles north of the Benin River, and 200 miles by road east of Lagos. Benin is the centre of Nigerias rubber industry, b ...


Benito, Manitoba


Benque Viejo del Carmen

Benque Viejo del Carmen is a town in the country of Belize. It is in the Cayo District. The northern edge of the town is along the Mopan River. The river also forms the border with Guatemala. Benque Viejo is a growing town rich with culture and a ...


Bento Fernandes


Benue River

The Benue River is a river in Africa. It is the major tributary of the Niger River. The river is about 1.400 km long. People can travel on it for nearly the whole length in the summer months. It is an important transportation route in the places ...


Benue State





Berat is a town in south-central Albania. It is the capital of both the District of Berat and the larger County of Berat. About 71.000 people live here. Berat is on the right bank of the river Osum.



Berchtesgaden is a municipality in the German Bavarian Alps. It is found in the south district of Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria, near the border to Austria. It lies north of the Nationalpark Berchtesgaden.


Berchtesgadener Land


Berea District


Berg en Dal

It was created on 1 January 2015 from the former municipalities of Groesbeek, Millingen aan de Rijn and Ubbergen. The resulting larger municipality kept the name of Groesbeek until 1 January 2016, when it was renamed to Berg en Dal after the vill ...


Berg Municipality




Bergen, Limburg


Bergisch Gladbach

Bergisch Gladbach is a city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is near to Cologne and has about 110.016 inhabitants.



Bergkamen is a town in the district of Unna, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is near the river Lippe, approx. 15 km north-east of Dortmund and 15 km south-west of Hamm. Bergkamen, a German town in the East part of the Ruhrgebiet and south ...




Bering Strait

The Bering Strait is a sea strait between Cape Dezhnev, Russia, the easternmost point of the Asian continent and Cape Prince of Wales on the edge of the Seward Peninsula, Alaska, the westernmost point of the North American continent, with latitud ...



Berkelland is a municipality found in the Dutch province of Gelderland. In 2019, 43.904 people lived there. The municipality was named after the river Berkel. It was created on 1 January 2005 from the former municipalities of Borculo, Eibergen, N ...




Bermejo River

The Bermejo River is a river in South America. It flows from Bolivia to the Paraguay River in Argentina. The river is 1.060 kilometres long. The Bermejo is not able to be travelled on.





Bermondsey is a town in the London Borough of Southwark, England. It is 2.5 miles southeast of Charing Cross. To the west of Bermondsey is Southwark, to the east is Rotherhithe and Deptford, to the south is Walworth and Peckham, and to the north ...


Bermuda Weather Service


Berne, Germany

Berne is a municipality of the district Wesermarsch in the state of Lower Saxony in Germany. It is situated on the left bank of the Weser, about 20 km east of Oldenburg, and 25 km northwest of Bremen. Berne is the birthplace of musician, producer ...


Bernese Alps

The Bernese Alps are a group of mountain ranges in the western part of the Alps, in Switzerland. Although the name notes that they are in the Bernese Oberland region of the canton of Bern, some of the Bernese Alps are found in the cantons of Vaud ...











Berwick-upon-Tweed is a town in Northumberland, United Kingdom. It is the most northerly town in England, and is 2 miles from Scotland. Around 15.000 people live in Berwick. Many people visit Berwick because it is a nearby market town. Berwick us ...



Besiktas is a district in the European part of Istanbul. Besiktas is by the coastal of Bosphorus. Besiktas has a football team called Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu BJK English: Besiktas Gym Club. BJK is one of the biggest and one of the most popular ...



Bessarabia is the word for the area in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine. It shares borders with Dniester River on the east and the Prut River on the west. During the 19th century it was sometimes part of Romania and sometimes in the Rus ...





Bethlehem is a Palestinian city on the West Bank. It is most famous as the place where Jesus was born. It is five miles from Jerusalem in Israel.




Bettendorf, Luxembourg

Bettendorf is a commune in Luxembourg. It is part of the canton of Diekirch. It lies along the river Sauer. As of 2019, 2.857 people live here.

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