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River Forth

The River Forth is a river in Scotland. The source is Loch Ard, in Kinlochard. The river flows through the city of Stirling, and the city of Edinburgh is on the south of the Firth of Forth estuary.


Fosse Way

Fosse Way was one of the main Roman roads in Britain. Its route was unusual, because despite its length it went nowhere near London. It went directly from the south-west coast to the midland east coast. It linked Exeter in South West England to L ...






Foz do Iguaçu

Foz do Iguaçu is the 4th largest city of Parana state, in the south region of Brazil. 309.000 people live there. It is about 650 kilometres west of Curitiba, Paranas capital city, on the border with Argentina and Paraguay. The people who live the ...





Framlingham is a small town in the Suffolk Coastal local government district of Suffolk, England. Framlingham Castle is a large hill-top castle found in the town. It has a population of 3.114 at the 2001 census. There used to be a railway station ...





Franconia is the northern part of the German federal state of Bavaria. This region is divided in three smaller regions: Oberfranken, Mittelfranken, and Unterfranken. The biggest city in Franconia is Nuremberg. Other large cities in Franconia are ...



Franeker is a city in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. It is the capital of the municipality of Waadhoeke. As of 1 January 2014, 12.781 people lived there.




Frankenstein, Saxony

Frankenstein is a former municipality in the Mittelsachsen Rural District, in Saxony, Germany. About 1200 people live in the village. With effect from 1 January 2012, it has been incorporated into the town of Oederan.





The Frankenwald is a mountain range. It is in the district of Oberfranken in Bavaria. It connects the Fichtelgebirge to the Thuringian forest. It is a long forested plateau. The hills in the plateau form a watershed between the Rhine and the Elbe ...


Frankfurt (Oder)

Frankfurt or Frankfurt an Oder is a town in Germany. It lies on the Oder river, which marks the current border between Germany and Poland. Its in the east of the state of Brandenburg. Since January 1999, the town added a prefix Kleiststadt to ref ...


Frankston North


Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the east coast of Queensland in Australia. Fraser Island is 122 km 76 mi long. It is the largest sand island in the world. It has large shifting sand dunes, and highly coloured sand cliffs. The W ...


Fraser River

The Fraser River is a major river in western Canada. It flows from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean through British Columbia. It is the tenth longest river in Canada and the longest in British Columbia. It travels nearly 1400 km.


Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley is a regional district in British Columbia, Canada. It was created in 1995 by combining three regional districts named Fraser-Cheam, Dewdney-Alouette and Central Fraser Valley. The regional district includes 6 municipalities and ...





In 1919, the municipalities of Langdorf, Kurzdorf, Huben, Herten, and Horgenbach became part of Frauenfeld. In 1998, Gerlikon, Schonenhof, and Zelgli joined Frauenfeld.


Fredericton, New Brunswick

Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick, Canada. It is filled with rich history. Fredericton is on the Saint John River. There is a playhouse. There are scenic walking trails. Frederiction is the capital of New Brunswick. The population ...


Free State (province)

The Free State is a province of South Africa. Its capital is Bloemfontein, which is also South Africas judicial capital. The current borders of the province date from 1994 when the Bantustans were dissolved and were merged into the provinces of S ...


Free State Stadium

The stadium will host the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Is one of the 10 stadiums where World Cup games will be played. 2010 World Cup Matches All times are given in South African Standard time UTC+2.


Freeport, Bahamas

Freeport is a city, district and free trade zone on the island of Grand Bahama. It is in North-west Bahamas. In 1955, Wallace Groves, a Virginian financier, was given 50.000 acres of pineyard with swamp and scrubland areas by the Bahamian governm ...


Freeport, Nova Scotia

Freeport, Nova Scotia is a village in Digby Country, Nova Scotia and it is located on Long Island in the Bay of Fundy. Located at the end of Digby Neck on Long Island, Freeport is a working fishing village built up around a tidal basin. This area ...


Freeview (New Zealand)

Freeview is free television service in the New Zealand, It is sent to peoples home using a digital signal by either over the air or by satellite. It is planning to have more channels than analogue television provides. The service was put on air o ...


Freiberg, Saxony

Freiberg is a town in the Free State of Saxony, Germany, capital of the Freiberg Rural District. The town was founded in 1186, and has been a centre of the mining industry in the Ore Mountains for centuries. In 1944 the Flossenburg concentration ...


Freising (district)



Freital is the biggest town in the Sachsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the small river WeiSeritz, 8 km southwest of Dresden.


Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle is a port city in Western Australia. It is the main city on the ocean and is near Perth. The city has a population of 26.000 people. It is at the place where the Swan River runs into the Indian Ocean. It was established by English peopl ...


French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a French "overseas collectivity" with the particular designation of "overseas country" in the southern Pacific Ocean. The country is made up of several groups of Polynesian islands. The most well-known is Tahiti, the most popu ...



Friedrichshafen is a city in Germany. It is at the north shore of the Lake of Constance. It is the second largest city at the lakeside, after Konstanz. About 58.000 people live there. The city is famous for having one of the first Zeppelins.



Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is a borough of Berlin. It is a new borough, only made in 2001 by joining the old boroughs of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. It occupies 20.16 km 2 and has a population of about 255.200 as of 2003. Its current mayor is Fra ...



Friesland is a province in the north of the Netherlands. The capital of Friesland is Leeuwarden. People in Friesland speak Frisian and Dutch. People also speak Frisian in a small part of Groningen, and in East Friesland and North Friesland in Ger ...



Frisia is an area along the coast of the North Sea. Frisians live in this area. After Wijerd Jelckama and Pier Gerlofs Donia lost a rebellion against the Burgundians and the Saxons, Frisia lost its independence. Less than a century later, parts o ...




Frobisher Bay

Frobisher Bay is an inlet of the Labrador Sea in Nunavut, Canada. It is in the southeastern corner of Baffin Island. The capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit, is near the bay. Frobisher Bay is 230 kilometers long and is 40 kilometers wide at its widest po ...







Frydlant is a town in the Czech Republic. About 7.600 people live there. It is located in the north of the historical region Bohemia.



Fujairah is known for its beaches and the Hajar Mountains, which run through much of the emirate. In the south, the city of Fujairah is home to the massive Sheikh Zayed Mosque, known for its towering white minarets. Overlooking the city is the Fu ...


Fujimi, Saitama




Fulda River

The Fulda is a river in Hesse, Germany. It is one of two headstreams of the Weser River. The Fulda River is 218 km in length. The source is in the Rhon mountains. From here it runs northwards through the Weserbergland hills and finally meets the ...



The R70, 267, 281, 481, 681 and N22 buses pass through Fulwell. There are Abeillo and London United bus depots in Fulwell.



A fumarole is an opening in the crust of the Earth, often in the neighborhood of volcanoes, where steam and gases come out, for instance carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid, and hydrogen sulfide. The name solfatara from the Italian ...



Funafuti is the capital of the small island nation of Tuvalu. It has a population of 4.492, making it the most populated atoll in this country. It is a narrow sweep of land between 20 and 400 meters wide. There is an airstrip, hotel, and administ ...



Funchal is the capital city of Madeira, part of Portugal. It is also the largest city of Madeira with 111.892 people. Funchal is in a valley. It has even temperatures all year round. There is a rainier and slightly cooler season from October thro ...



Funen is an island in Denmark. It covers an area of 3.099.7 square kilometres. It is the third-largest island in the country. The main city is Odense which is connected to the sea by a seldom-used canal. There are bridges that carry roads and rai ...

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