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Khatumo State

Khatumo or Khatumo state is a Beesha Darawiish unrecognized state in Horn Africa. It is inside Somalia. It borders Somaliland to the west, Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the south and Puntland to the east. In 1991, when Somalias government colla ...


Khayrpur (princely state)

Khayrpur or Khairpur was a princely state on the Indus River in what is now Pakistan, with its capital city at Khayrpur. Together with Bahawalpur to the north-east, the state was included with the Punjab states rather than the neighbouring Rajput ...


Kherson Oblast

Kherson Oblast is an oblast of southern Ukraine. The administrative centre is Kherson. The population of Kherson Oblast was 1.069.800 in 2014.


Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Khmelnytskyi Oblast is an oblast of western Ukraine. The administrative centre is Khmelnytskyi. The population of Khmelnytskyi Oblast was 1.310.000 in 2013.


Khomas Region

Khomas is a region in Namibia. The capital is Windhoek, which is also the national capital of Namibia. There are 10 constituencies: Tobias Hainyeko Katutura Central Khomasdal North John Pandeni Samora Machel Windhoek West Windhoek Rural Katutura ...


Khorasan Province

Khorasan was the largest province of Iran until it was divided into three provinces on September 29, 2004: North Khorasan, center: Bojnord South Khorasan, center: Birjand Razavi Khorasan, center: Mashhad Khorasan is famous worldwide for its saffr ...


Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab Pass is in the north of Hunza/Nagar on Chinas boundary. It is at an altitude of 15.397 ft above sea level. Karakoram Highway crosses into China through this pass. All trade between China and Gilgit is carried through Khunjerab.


Khunyang Chhish

Khunyang Chhish is a 7.852 metres mountain in the Karakoram range, in Pakistan. Other ways of spelling the name are Kunyang Kish and Khiangyang Kish. Khunyang Chhish is part of the Hispar Muztagh subrange. It is the 21st highest mountain in the w ...


Khyber Agency

Khyber is a tribal area in Federally Administered Tribal Areas region of Pakistan. It includes: Landi Kotal Tehsil Bara Tehsil Mula Ghori Tehsil Jamrud Tehsil


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a province in northwest Pakistan. The capital is Peshawar and it has a population of 14 million people and an area of 28.773 mi² or. The province was created in 1901 during British rule when it was separated from a Punjab pr ...


Khyber Pass

The Khyber Pass is a pass between Pakistan with Afghanistan; National border Pass. It is the National Pass of Pakistan, and connects the frontiers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, to Afghanistan. Throughout history it has been an important trade ...



Kibera is a slum in southwest Nairobi, Kenya. It is often called the biggest slum in Africa. Most people in Kibera dont have running water or electricity. Kibera has thirteen villages. Kibera is a very poor slum. It has very bad conditions.



Kiel is a city in the north of Germany. It is the capital of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. It has a population of 239.526 people. It is a port on the sea and has an oceanic climate.


Kiev Oblast

Kiev Oblast is an oblast of central Ukraine. The administrative centre is Kiev. The population of Kiev Oblast was 1.723.000 in 2013.


Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, formerly Kaiser-Wilhelm-Spitze, is a mountain in northeastern Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain rise in the world, rising 4600 meters from the base, and is the highest peak in Africa at 5.895 meters. It give ...



Killin is a village with about 640 people. It is at the western head of Loch Tay in Stirling, Scotland.


Kilometer zero

Kilometre zero is a point from which distances are traditionally measured to other cities and countries.



About 10 km west of Kilpisjarvi is Treriksroset. This is the point where the borders of Finland, Norway and Sweden meet. A monument was built at the exact point in 1926. It replaced an earlier marker built of stone in 1897.


Kim Il-sung Square

Kim Il-sung Square is the national square of North Korea. It is in the capital Pyongyang next to the Taedong River. The square is used for military parades and performances for national holidays. Around the square are national institutions that i ...


Kimmei Seamount

Kimmei Seamount is an underwater volcano of the Hawaiian–Emperor seamount chain in the Pacific Ocean. Kimmei is an extinct volcano. This seabed mountain is named after Emperor Kimmei of Japan. The last eruption from Kimmei seamount was 40 million ...


Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout is a plateau about 600 metres above sea level. It is in Derbyshire, England, roughly between the villages of Hayfield to the west, Edale to the southeast, and the town of Glossop to the northwest. The gritstone rock under the plateau ...



Kinderdijk is a hamlet in the province of South Holland, the Netherlands. It belongs to the municipality of Molenlanden. Kinderdijk is famous for its windmills. It is also an UNESCO World Heritage site.


Kindia Region

Kindia is a region in the west of Guinea. It is bordered by the country of Sierra Leone and the Guinean regions of Conakry, Labe, Mamou, and Boke. The regional capital is the city of Kindia. As of the 2014 census, 1.561.374 people lived there. It ...


King River (Victoria)

King River is a river in the north east of Victoria, Australia. It flows into the Ovens River and which then joins the Murray River at Echuca. The King River is used for kayaking with many level two and three rapids. In 2008 it was the site for t ...


Kings Lynn

Kings Lynn is a town and port in Norfolk, England. Over the years, the town has been known variously as Bishops Lynn and Lynn Regis, while it is occasionally referred to by locals as simply Lynn - the Celtic word for lake. Kings Lynn is the third ...


Kingdom of Ireland

The Kingdom of Ireland was a country in Western Europe. It was created by King Henry VIII of England by an act of the Irish Parliament in 1541. It had been a colony previously. It was subservient to England partially because of a law passed by th ...


Kingdom of Wurttemberg

Wurttemberg, formerly known as Wirtemberg, is an area and a former state in southwestern Germany, including parts of the regions Swabia and Franconia. It was originally a Duchy but was raised to a Kingdom in 1806.


Kings Canyon (Australia)

Kings Canyon is a canyon in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is part of Watarrka National Park, about 323 km southwest of Alice Springs. The walls of Kings Canyon are over 100 metres high, with Kings Creek at the bottom. The rock is sandst ...


Kingston, Jamaica

The City of Kingston is the capital and largest city of Jamaica. It is on the southeastern coast of the island country. It faces a natural harbour protected by the Palisadoes, a long sand spit which connects Port Royal and the norman Manley Inter ...


Kingston, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario is a Canadian city at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Here the lake runs into the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands begin. Kingston is the county seat of Frontenac County. According to the 2006 Canadian Census, there ...



Kingstown is the capital city of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The population of Kingstown as of 2008 is 24.518. Kingstown exports bananas, coconuts, and arrowroot. Kingstown was started as a settlement by the French a little after 1722. The ...


Kingswood, South Gloucestershire

Kingswood is an area in South Gloucestershire, South West England. It has a population of 32.000 people. Its postcode is BS15. It is a suburb of Bristol.



Kinnula is a municipality in Central Finland. Almost 1.780 people lived there in January 2014. The municipalities next to it are Kivijarvi, Lestijarvi, Perho, Pihtipudas, Reisjarvi and Viitasaari.


Mount Kintore

Mount Kintore is an inselberg in northwest South Australia. It is about 1.066 metres above sea level. It is located about halfway between the remote communities of Amaṯa and Watarru. The mountain is made up mostly of metamorphic beds of gneisses ...


Kintore, Northern Territory

Kintore is a remote town in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is about 530 km west of Alice Springs and close to the border with Western Australia. Almost all the people who live there are Aboriginal, and most are Pintupi. Kintore was found ...


Kirchheim unter Teck

Kirchheim unter Teck is a town in southern Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany. It has 40.000 people. It is named after the mountain Teck. It isnt far away from Stuttgart. It is in a mountain group named Schwabische Alb.


Kirkby Lonsdale

Kirkby Lonsdale is a town and civil parish in South Lakeland, Cumbria, England. In 2001 there were 1771 people living in Kirkby Lonsdale. including Harry lloid Huddleston



Kirkkonummi is a municipality in Uusimaa, Finland. As of January 2014, almost 38.000 people lived in Kirkkonummi. It has an area of 393.3 square kilometres. Most people speak Finnish, almost 80%. Kirkkonummi is close to the capital city, Helsinki ...


Kirkuk Governorate

Kirkuk Governorate or Kirkuk Province is a governorate in northern Iraq, with an area of 10.282 km 2. The capital is also called Kirkuk, and 949.000 people live in the province.


Kirovohrad Oblast

Kirovohrad Oblast is an oblast of central Ukraine. The administrative centre is Kropyvnytskyi. The population of Kirovohrad Oblast was 991.600 in 2013.


Kirthar National Park

Kirthar National Park is in Kirthar Mountains range. It is second biggest National Parks of Pakistan, the Hingol National Park being the biggest. It is also the first National Park from Pakistan to be included in the 1975 United Nations list of N ...


Kirundo Province

Kirundo Province is one of the 18 provinces in Burundi. The capital city is also named Kirundo. Kirundo has three big lakes: Cohoha, Rweru, and Rwihinda.


Kishon River

Kishon River is a river in northern Israel. It is the second biggest river of the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Israel. The river starts in the Samaria Mountains. It goes through the Jezreel Valley. It goes north beside Mount Carmel. It flow ...


Kissing, Germany

Kissing is a municipality in Aichach-Friedberg. It is 10 km south of Augsburg and has about 11.500 inhabitants. Kissing was first mentioned in 1050 as Chissingin. In even earlier times, around 500, there was a thing hill nearby, which was later s ...



Kitee is a city in North Karelia, Finland. As of January 2014 over 11.200 people lived there. Nearby municipalities include Parikkala, Raakkyla, Savonlinna and Tohmajarvi.



Kittila is a municipality in Lapland, Finland. As of January 2014, almost 6.500 people lived there. The municipalities next to it are Enontekio, Inari, Kolari, Muonio, Rovaniemi and Sodankyla. Kittila has an airport, and a ski resort named Levi. ...



Kitwe is the second largest city in size and population in the country Zambia. Kitwe has a population of 504.194. Kitwe was found in 1936 as the railway line was being built by Cecil Rhodes company. The city is home to a number of mining operatio ...



Kitzingen is a town in Franconia, Bavaria, Germany with about 21.000 people. There are many restaurants and shops, the famous Fastnacht Museum in the sloping tower, and many schools such as Armin-Knab-Gymnasium, Friedrich-Bernbeck-Schule, Fachobe ...



Kivijarvi is a municipality in Central Finland. The municipalities next to it are Kannonkoski, Karstula, Kannonkoski, Kinnula, Kyyjarvi, Perho and Viitasaari.


Kiwirrkurra Community, Western Australia

Kiwirrkura is a small community in Western Australia, near to Lake Mackay. It is 850 km west of Alice Springs. It has been said to be the most remote community in Australia. It was established by Pintupi people as an outstation in the early 1980s ...