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Away colours


Baseball glove

Catcher Doug Allison in 1870 was the first ever to wear baseball gloves. Dougs hands were split and cracked open from catching in other games earlier in the week. He chose to wear something that would protect his hands so that they wouldnt be damaged more, so he wore baseball gloves, but he was laughed at and mocked by his teammates. Five years later in 1875, Charlie Waitt, a St. Louis outfielder and first baseman who in 1875 used a pair of flesh-colored gloves, but he was also laughed by his teammates. Although baseball gloves were not used very much at first when they were first made, mo ...


Baseball uniform

A baseball uniform is clothing that baseball players wear during games. Like other uniforms, it identifies the group in which they are members, in this case their baseball team. Most baseball uniforms have the last names and uniform numbers of players who wear them. The names and numbers are usually on the back to identify each player. Baseball shirts, pants, shoes, socks, caps, and helmets are parts of the uniform. Players also wear gloves, but they are not part of the uniform, because players can choose their own gloves. Most uniforms have different logos and colors to show which team it ...


Jersey (clothing)

In sport, a jersey is a shirt worn by a member of a team, often with the wearers name and team number as well. Many Cycling jerseys of specific colour or pattern represent certain statuses in cycling, such as the maillot jaune of the leader of the Tour de France, or the rainbow jersey. The World Cycling Union also says a champion must wear the champions jersey in a race, not the team jersey. Cycling jerseys are usually made of special synthetic material to help sweat away from the skin. The main garment of an ice hockey uniform, which was traditionally called a sweater, is increasingly kno ...


Karate belts

This is a theory that demonstrates how a student would, as they trained, dirty their belt overtime. More of a myth than a theory, a student started with a white belt. As sweat, dirt, and other debris occupied not only the belt, but the karate gi, his/her color appeared to get darker and closer to black.


Karate gi

A karate gi is a standardized piece of karate clothing that acts as a uniform. Whether or not a student is ranked, one must bring a gi to the academy.

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