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Family tree

A family tree is a chart showing family relationships in a tree structure form. The more detailed family trees used in medicine, genealogy, and social work are known as genograms. As normally showed, a family tree "grows" down from the top, from the oldest generations at the top to the newer generations at the bottom. A tree showing the descendants of an individual illustration right will more closely look like a tree in shape; one showing the ancestors of an individual illustration below in "The Family Tree of Sigmund" will be wider at the top than the bottom. When looking at the closer t ...


Federation of Genealogical Societies

The Federation of Genealogical Societies is a non-profit organization and consortium of Genealogy Societies. Its headquarters are located in Austin, Texas in the United States. It works with genealogy organizations around the world.


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  • Genealogy is the study of family history. It is the study of family relationships and ancestry parents, grandparents, great - grandparents, etc. It is
  • The Mathematics Genealogy Project is a web - based database for the academic information of mathematicians. It contains information on many mathematical
  • The Federation of Genealogical Societies is a non - profit organization and consortium of Genealogy Societies. Its headquarters are located in Austin, Texas
  • database of European noble genealogy Paul Theroff s An Online Gotha Archived 2006 - 11 - 08 at the Wayback Machine Genealogics an extensive database of European
  • discouraged parameter link Montgomery County, Kentucky Genealogy Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database. Retrieved 2007 - 01 - 26. CS1 maint: discouraged
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  • Metropolitan Statistical Area. Cajun and Cajuns: Genealogy site for Cajun, Acadian and Louisiana genealogy history and culture Find
  • A cousin is a term in genealogy It is not a direct ancestor or descendant, but is a relative who shares a common ancestor. The word cousin is often
  • States. It is the largest for - profit genealogy company in the world. The company operates a network of genealogical and historical record websites. These
Ancestor table

Ancestor table

An ancestor table is a family tree where people are shown in a numbered list instead of a tree. In the table, a person is listed as number 1, the father is 2, the mother is 3. Then, the grandparents can be added: and the mothers mother is 7. the fathers father is 4 the fathers mother is 5 the mothers father is 6 This can continue even farther, including the great-grandparents: the fathers mother is 9 the fathers mothers father is 10 the fathers father is 8 and so on.