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Frederick II is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Honorius III. 1220 1222 Hungarian king Andras II Andrew II issued the Golden Bull to make the Hungarian barons happy. This document secured the rights of the nobility and protected law over the kings rule and will. Philip II of France died July 14. 1223 Louis VIII is crowned King of France. St. Francis of Assisi died October 3. 1226 Louis VIII of France died November 8. Stefan II, the ruler of Serbia, died September 24 aged 52. 1228 The city and castle of Rapperswil was established by Count Rudolf II of Rapperswil. 1229


ⓘ 1220s

  • The 1220s decade ran from January 1, 1220 to December 31, 1229. 1220 Frederick II is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Honorius III. 1222 Hungarian
  • of Pomerania Queen Urraca of Portugal spouse of King Afonso II of Portugal born 1186 List of state leaders in 1220 List of religious leaders in 1220
  • the style of Gothic architecture. Building the cathedral was completed in 1220 Jose Manuel Garcia Iglesias ed. La Catedral de Ourense, Laracha 1993
  • Sanetomo was assassinated on the steps of Tsurugaoka Hachiman - gū in Kamakura. 1220 Jōkyū 2, 2nd month The emperor visited the Iwashimizu Shrine and the Kamo
  • a cathedral only since 1905. The present building is mainly Gothic, from 1220 to 1420. The main railway line from London Bridge station to Cannon Street
  • 1108 - 1152 Narasimha I 1152 1173 Veera Ballala II 1173 1220 Narasimha II 1220 1235 Vira Someshwara 1235 1253 Narasimha III 1253 1292
  • of Antiquity, he was Emperor of the Romans from his papal coronation in 1220 until his death he was also a claimant to the title of King of the Romans
  • the Abbey on 17 May 1220 The Archbishop of Canterbury is the cleric in the coronation ceremony. King Edward s Chair or St Edward s Chair is the throne
  • and he was probably born in Nishapur, Persia, sometime in the 1140 s He died in 1220 AD. His most famous works are his long allegorical poem, Mantiq at
  • the monks of St. Frideswide s Priory, in Oxford. Farid od - Din Mohammad ebn Ebrahim Attar, Persian mystical poet d. 1220 Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy