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List of biologists

Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger 1775–1813, German entomologist Jan Ingenhousz 1730–1799, Dutch-born British botanist Hermann von Ihering 1850–1930, German naturalist Paul Erdmann Isert 1756–1789, German botanist Tom Iredale 1880–1972, English conchologist and ornithologist



Serbian might mean: Serbian language српски језик Serbian Cyrillic alphabet српска ћирилица Something related to the country Serbia Србија


Lohn (disambiguation)

Lohn can mean: Some of the municipalities in Switzerland Lohn, Schaffhausen Lohn, Solothurn, now part of Lohn-Ammannsegg Lohn, Graubunden Lohn, the country estate of the Swiss Federal Council


Morris County

Morris County is the name of three counties in the United States: Morris County, New Jersey, the most populous in the country with the name Morris County, Kansas Morris County, Texas


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  • the maximum number of countries in the world could be. There are multiple organisations that have their own lists of countries one example being the
  • Hot Country Songs is a chart published weekly by Billboard magazine in the United States. This 60 - position chart lists the most popular country music
  • prices by Lebanese - economy - forum, World Bank data Template: GDP country lists Template: Global economic classifications Template: Finance country lists
  • This article contains various lists of state leaders organized by age, defined as heads of state and or heads of government. People currently serving
  • currency symbols is a select list of present symbols of money by country and territory. It lists only currencies which are in circulation today. There are
  • knots 61 km h 38 mph names are assigned in order from predetermined lists depending on which basin they originate. However, standards vary from basin
  • Basque Country may refer to: Basque Country greater region Euskal Herria in Basque, or Pais Vasco in Spanish, Pays Basque in French the approximate
  • This is a list of countries and dependent territories by population. The number shows how many people live in each country Countries with the most people
  • A complete list of films produced in the country of Azerbaijan ordered by year of release and decade on separate pages: List of Azerbaijani films before
  • currently 211 FIFA members, each one with a different country code. The following codes refer to countries or dependent areas that are currently not affiliated

Trillion (disambiguation)

Either of the following two numbers see Names for large numbers for more information: one million million; 10 18 {\displaystyle 10^{18}} ; SI prefix: exa- – for all long scale countries – not used much in English language countries but often used in many other languages. one million million; 10 12 {\displaystyle 10^{12}} ; SI prefix: tera- – for all short scale countries – now used in most English language countries.