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Bus network

A bus network is an arrangement in a local area network in which each node is connected to a main cable or link called the bus. A bus network is simple and reliable. If one node fails to operate, all the rest can still communicate with each other. For a major disruption to take place, the bus itself must be broken somewhere. Bus networks are easy to expand. Additional nodes can be added anywhere along the bus. There are several limitations to the bus network topology. The length of the bus is limited by cable loss. A bus network may not work well if the nodes are located at scattered point ...


Defense in depth (computing)

Defense in Depth is an information assurance concept. It uses multiple layers of security controls placed throughout an information technology system. The multiple layers are not of the same security tool. It uses several different kinds of security with each protecting against a different security attack.



Freenet is a decentralized network., It is censorship-resistant, which means it is not easy for anyone other than authors to remove content. The data is stored on many machines. Freenet was made by Ian Clarke. Freenet has a goal to provide freedom of speech and Freedom of information through a peer-to-peer network with protection of users identity. Freenet works by putting together the volunteer bandwidth and storage space of member machines to allow users to anonymously publish or retrieve different kinds of information. From a users perspective, it can be thought of as simply a large sto ...


OSI model

The Open Systems Interconnection model is a method of thinking of computer networking in terms of abstraction layers. Different communication protocols with similar functions are grouped into different logical layers on the OSI Model. Each layer of the OSI Model makes use of functions provided by the layers below it and provides functions that are used by the layers above it. There are 7 layers.


Titanic (disambiguation)

Titanic can refer to RMS Titanic, the ship which sank on its first voyage in 1912 Titanic TV series, a ITV network show Titanic 1997 movie a movie about that voyage


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  • network, for example, connects television stations. Computer networks are numerous. Computer network Wi - Fi This short article about technology can be made longer
  • Network is the Internet. Different Area Networks are classified based on their range. Computers can be part of several different networks Networks
  • friends. Most Social Networks will let you create a profile page with your pictures and information about yourself. Social Networking was first proposed
  • ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks formerly known as MTV Networks and Viacom Media Networks is a media company formed in New York City in 1984. Viacom
  • television channel. For international versions, see Cartoon Network international Cartoon Network is an American television channel. It broadcasts television
  • of broadcast networks Many early television networks for example, the BBC, NBC or CBS began as radio networks A television network may broadcast
  • Mesh networking is a kind of network topology, a way computer networks and other networks are laid out. In mesh networking each node is connected to
  • A Network interface card also known as a NIC, network card, or network interface controller is an electronic device that connects a computer to a computer
  • the other one. Some rings send traffic in only one direction, other ring networks send traffic in both directions. Token Ring and FDDI are examples of ring
  • The network is in charge of the company s premium cable television channels, including Showtime. InsideView Company Profile: Showtime Networks Inc.

Niki Yang

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