ⓘ Hermann Tilke. During the 1980s, Tilke competed in touring car racing. Most of his racing was on the old Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit. He also competed in V ..

Hermann Tilke

ⓘ Hermann Tilke

During the 1980s, Tilke competed in touring car racing. Most of his racing was on the old Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit. He also competed in VLN endurance racing and 24 Hours Nurburgring. He and Dirk Adorf won some VLN races with a V8Star Series in 2003 and 2004.


1. Architecture

Tilke established Tilke Engineering in 1984 to combine the skills in architecture, civil engineering and electronic engineering. Tilke Engineering provides complete solutions for motor racing and waste disposal projects.

His first large job was in Austria, in the 1990s. He made a major redesign of the fast Osterreichring, and created the much shorter A1-Ring.

Tilke made changes to many established F1 circuits. Because of this, Tilke was able to earn the contracts to design many of new new, high-profile circuits from scratch.

Tilkes trademark of circuit design is a mixture long straight and tight hairpins. These are intended to encourage overtaking.


2. List of Circuits

Tilke has design many high-profile new world circuits from scratch. These include:

  • 2008 Valencia Street Circuit, Spain
  • 2010 Moscow Raceway, Russia Planned MotoGP Venue
  • 2009 Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates
  • 2011 Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, India
  • 2010 Korean International Circuit, South Korea
  • 1998 Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia
  • 2004 Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain
  • 2006 Cancun, Mexico *Undeveloped
  • 2010 Kazakhstan Motor City, Republic of Kazakhstan
  • 2012 Circuit of the Americas, United States of America under development
  • 2008 Jakarta Street Circuit, Indonesia
  • 2008 Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore *concept design
  • 2010 Atlanta Motorsports Park, United States of America under construction
  • 2008 Swedbank kartodroms, Latvia
  • 2004 Shanghai International Circuit, China
  • 2009 Motorland Aragon, Alcaniz, Spain MotoGP venue
  • 2005 Istanbul Park Racing Circuit, Turkey
  • 2006 Beijing International Streetcircuit, China
  • 2007 Bucharest Ring, Romania
  • Prix, the first to be held in that country. The track was designed by Hermann Tilke the FIA s most commonly used Track Designer. The track was originally
  • near to Kuala Lumpur. Sepang was designed by race track designer, Hermann Tilke who has designed many new tracks for Formula One. The first Formula
  • as the Malaysian MotoGP. The circuit was designed by German designer Hermann Tilke The main circuit is 5.54 km long. It is raced in a clockwise direction
  • 14 corners. Istanbul Park were designed by the racetrack architect Hermann Tilke It can hold 155, 000 people to watch a race. The main grandstand a place
  • Circuit of the Americas is a motor racing circuit in Austin, Texas. Hermann Tilke designed the circuit in the middle of 2010. Construction was started
  • harbor, at the Korean International Circuit. The track was designed by Hermann Tilke The circuit is part permanent, part temporary. Construction began in
  • took place on November 1 2009. It was held at the Yas Marina Circuit. Hermann Tilke designed the circuit. The race was Formula One s first ever day - night
  • The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is held there. The track was designed by Hermann Tilke It is on Yas Island, about 30 minutes from the capital of the UAE
  • designed to be used only for racing purposes by the German architect Hermann Tilke Tilke also designed the buildings used for the circuit. The deal to host
  • Formula One circuits, Shanghai International Circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke It features his trademark track feature: a long back straight followed
  • Inc. It was a modification of the original design first proposed by Hermann Tilke The pit area of the circuit is in an empty plot of land off Republic