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Jacques François Mouret

Jacques François Mouret was a French chess player. He became the chess teacher of the future Louis Philippe I. He was one of the most successful operators of The Turk, a famous chess-playing machine.


ⓘ French sportspeople

  • Arthaud took part in Dropped, a reality television show on TF1 in which sportspeople were transported by helicopters into the wilderness. During filming on
  • Pyeongchang, South Korea. Switzerland has a team of 31 people. Only 13 are sportspeople They are competing in three sports: para - alpine skiing, para - Nordic
  • Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Slovakia is sending up to fifteen sportspeople to the 2018 Games. They are competing in para - alpine skiing and wheelchair
  • The Military World Games is a multi - sport event for military sportspeople organized by the International Military Sports Council CISM The Games have
  • para - alpine skiing and para - snowboarding. New Zealand said they will have 3 sportspeople at the 2018 Games. Two will compete in para - alpine skiing and one will
  • each. East German sportspeople were very successful, for example in athletics, cycling, boxing or some winter sports. Famous sportspeople from East Germany
  • involved in a French Reality TV programme collide over western Argentina, killing 10 people, including 3 of France s most famous sportspeople 2016 - A solar
  • have very little money. Despite this, they try very hard to help all sportspeople with disabilities in Romania. Their 2014 budget was 50, 000 for twelve
  • competing two sports: para - alpine skiing and sledge hockey. There were 24 sportspeople 16 support people and 4 administrators. First allocated four sports
  • Uzbekistan first went to the Winter Paralympic Games in 2014. They sent 2 sportspeople Ramil Gayazov was the only one who competed. They did not win any medals