ⓘ Slalom skiing. Slalom is the most technical event in alpine skiing. A slalom race involves skiing between and around a series of obstacles made of poles which a ..

Slalom skiing

ⓘ Slalom skiing

Slalom is the most technical event in alpine skiing.

A slalom race involves skiing between and around a series of obstacles made of poles which are placed on the snowy slope. These poles are called "gates". There are many gates in a slalom run.

Smaller turns than Super G or Downhill are made because distance between gates is short.


1. World Cup

World Cup is the highest international competition of alpine skiing held by International Ski Federation FIS.

Ingemar Stenmark Sweden, his career 1973-1989 and Vreni Schneider Switzerland, her career 1984-1995 are the record holder as the most World Cup titles in Slalom discipline. Stenmark won 8 times and Schneider won 6 times.


2. Equipment for competition

These are necessary items for the alpine skiing competitions.

  • Racing ski.Its length is different in each event and is fixed by FIS.

In slalom SL, 165 cm for men, 155 cm for ladies. In giant slalom GS, 195 cm for men, 188 cm for ladies. In Super G SG, 210 cm for men, 205 cm for ladies. In Downhill DH, 218 cm for men, 210 cm for ladies. Rules apply to 2012-2013 World Cup and Europe Cup

  • Bindings
  • Poles.In SL, racers go through the course knocking down poles with their own hands, so they need poles with punch guards.
  • Helmet.All of the racers have a duty of wearing a helmet to protect the head. Especially for SL, racers absolutely need a helmet with a chin guard.
  • Goggles
  • Shin guards.To protect racers shins the same as punch guard.
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