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Leopold II of Belgium

Leopold II was King of the Belgians. Born in Brussels the second son of Leopold I and Louise of Orleans. He succeeded his father to the throne on 17 December 1865 and was king until his death.


ⓘ People from Brussels

  • known as the Brussels - Capital Region, had 1, 031, 215 people which makes it the largest city area in Belgium The people of Brussels speak mainly French
  • Belgian martial artist, actor, and director. Nicknamed The Muscles from Brussels he is very well known for his action films. He is known for his roles
  • Brussels Airlines is the main Belgian airline. It flies from Brussels Airport to destinations in Europe, Africa and North America. Brussels Airlines was
  • three large explosions happened in the Belgian capital Brussels Two bombs exploded at Brussels Zaventem Airport and one exploded at Maalbeek metro station
  • born in Etterbeek, Brussels - Capital Region. From 1965 to 1976 he was an alderman of Meise. Chabert died on 9 April 2014 in Brussels aged 81. Voormalig
  • sculptor. He was born in Brussels on 20 January 1927. His monumental usually bronze sculptures adorn many public places in Brussels as well as in Germany
  • born in Brussels and died there from a heart attack, aged 65. Henri de Baillet - Latour Fonds list PDF IOC. 14 April 2011. Archived from the original
  • president of the party between 1977 to 1982. She was born in Brussels She died at her home in Brussels Belgium on 28 August 2020, aged 92. Antoinette Spaak
  • speaking Walloons share the French community with French speaking people of Brussels Current Minister - President of the Walloon Government is Willy Borsus