ⓘ Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma. The Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma is a transport helicopter designed and built in France. The design was first built by Sud Aviation, and l ..

Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma

ⓘ Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma

The Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma is a transport helicopter designed and built in France. The design was first built by Sud Aviation, and later by Aerospatiale. It was also built by Westland Helicopter in the United Kingdom after an agreement between the two countries It first flew in April 1965. It is mainly used by Armee de lAir, Royal Air Force, and some other air forces. It is also used by civilians.


1. SA-330 specifications

The Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma is 59.6½ feet 18.15 meters long, 49.2½ feet 15.00 meters diameter, and 16.10½ feet 5.14 meters tall. A minimum mass that weighs 7.795 pounds 3.536 kg and at the maximum mass that weighs 15.532 pounds 7.000 kg. It is powered by two Turbomeca Turmo engines driving a helicopter rotor with four blades.

The passenger cabin allows the reception of sixteen to twenty armed soldiers in military version, and fourteen to sixteen passengers in civil version. The two-seater cockpit of the helicopter is type side by side. A mechanic, also serving the mechanical winch, takes place at the rear. He can used the removable machine gun.


2. SA-330 users

At the beginning of 2013, these countries were still using or had used the military Puma:

Abu Dhabi Algeria Argentina Belgium Brazil Chad Cameroon Chile Ivory Coast Democratic Republic of the Congo France Germany Greece Indonesia Iran Ireland Kuwait Malawi Mexico Morocco Nepal Nigeria Oman Pakistan Philippines Portugal Romania South Africa Senegal Slovenia Spain Switzerland Togo Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom

3. SA-330 variants

If the majority of Puma was built by Aerospatiale in France and the UK by Westland but. A few others were produced under license in Indonesia, Romania, and South Africa.

French built Puma

SA-330A, SA-330B, SA-330Ba, SA-330C, SA-330E, SA-330F, SA-330G, SA-330H, SA-330J, SA-330L, SA-330S, SA-330Z. SA-330A is the prototype and SA-330Z is an experimental version.

British built Puma

Puma HC Mk-1, Puma HC Mk-2. British production is only for the military version.

Indonesian built Puma

NAS-330J. Indonesian Puma are built by IPTN, indigenous aeronautical industry, for civilian and military.

Romanian built Puma

IAR-330, IAR-330 SOCAT. Romanian Puma are built by IAR, indigenous aeronautical industriy, for civilian and military. IAR-330 SOCAT is an attack and transport helicopter, like soviet helicopter Mi-24 Hind.

South African built Puma

Oryx. South African Puma are built by Atlas Aircraft Corporation, indigenous aeronautical industriy, for civilian and military.

  • Puma is a civilian and military helicopter built by French and German company Eurocopter. It is an enlarged variant of the Aerospatiale SA - 330 Puma
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