ⓘ Perez Zeledon, canton. Perez Zeledon is the name of the 19th canton of the province of San Jose in Costa Rica. The canton has an area of 1.905.51 square kilomet ..

Perez Zeledon (canton)

ⓘ Perez Zeledon (canton)

Perez Zeledon is the name of the 19th canton of the province of San Jose in Costa Rica. The canton has an area of 1.905.51 square kilometres. It has a population of 134.534. The capital city of the canton is San Isidro de El General.

The cantons boundaries are made by Rio Savegre river, Rio Guabo river, and the coastal mountain ranges. The canton has the highest mountains peaks of the Cordillera de Talamanca Mountain Range on the east. In the middle of the canton, the Rio General river goes from north to south.


1. Districts

The canton of Perez Zeledon is divided into 11 districts distritos:

  • Cajon
  • San Isidro de El General
  • Baru
  • General
  • Platanares
  • Rivas
  • Pejibaye
  • San Pedro
  • Daniel Flores
  • Paramo
  • Rio Nuevo

2.1. History Early Costa Rican Settlements

At the end of the 19th century, between 1870 and 1899, there were a few families living in the El General valley. The hamlets Spanish: Caserios of El General, Palmares, Rivas, and Ureña were populated from 1900 onward.

The Caserio of Ureña grew more. By 1911, during Ricardo Jimenez Oreamunos government, the Refuges of Ojo de Agua, El Cerro de la Muerte, and Division were created. These refuges further advanced the growth of the region.


2.2. History Costa Rican Civil War

San Isidro de El General, Perez Zeledons capital, was given the title of Ciudad Martir. This was because of the civil war of 1948 that happened here.

Decree Nº274 gave the city its title. This decree established official recognition of the citys participation in the civil war of 1948. A section of the decree states in Spanish:

la Junta Fundadora de la Segunda Republica, apreciando el noble esfuerzo y la valiosa contribucion de San Isidro de El General, se siente obligada a hacer un publico y oficial reconocimiento de tan loable conducta para que de ninguna manera quede ella relegada al olvido, sino que constantemente sea exaltada como merecen los grandes hechos dignos de vida eterna en los fastos nacionales.

Which in English would translate into:

The Founding Group of the Second Republic, appreciating the effort and contribution of San Isidro de El General, wants to make a public and official recognition of such conduct. Let it constantly be praised as good things are worthy of eternal national praise.

Perez Zeledon was also the location of major battles during the Costa Rican Civil War. One battle was the Battle of San Isidro de El General. It happened around 6:30 am. 200 government forces fought the rebels at the citys central park. The battle was won by Jose Figueres Ferrer and his rebels. This battle secured the southern pacific region of Costa Rica for the rebels.


3. Economy

The canton of Perez Zeledons economy is characterized by agriculture, livestock, trade, industry and tourism. One fact that has helped this economy is the cantons geographic location; it is a bridge between Costa Ricas capital San Jose and the southern areas that border Panama.

Important farming activities:

  • Sugar Cane cultivation
  • Coffee
  • Blackberry cultivation
  • Banana cultivation
  • Tiquizque cultivation

The first two products are the most important in the region.

Livestock activities are also important. Pigs and cattle being the most important. The cattle is used for meat and dairy products.

Commercial activities have also become important. There are important credit unions, banks, local companies, media, and various other companies of the San Jose operating in the canton.


3.1. Economy Tourism

Its main attraction is ecological diversity. There is the Chirripo National Park one of the highest peak in Central America and the Caribbean.

Another park in the area is the Parque Internacional La Amistad.


4. Education

The first elementary school in Perez Zeledon was established during Ascension Esquivel Ibarras government 1902-1906. It was called Escuela Mixta de Ureña and was in the Ureña district, south of San Isidro de El Generals central park. After the Costa Rican Civil War the school was moved to a new building. It currently has the name "Escuela 12 de Marzo", in honor of the start of the Costa Rican Civil War. It had just ended when the school was rebuilt at its current location.

  • Isidro de El General is a city in Costa Rica. It is the capital of Perez Zeledon canton located in the province of San Jose. It is located 130 km from San
  • This is a list of the cantons of Costa Rica. Costa Rica s seven provinces provincias are divided into 81 cantons Cantons divided into districts distritos
  • population density of 282.8 inhabitants km2. The canton of San Jose, with 288, 054 inhabitants, is the canton with more inhabitants. Evolution of the population