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Crelles Journal

Crelles Journal, or just Crelle, is a journal that was published monthly for mathematical articles. It was founded by August Leopold Crelle in 1826 in Berlin. The full German title is Journal fur die reine und angewandte Mathematik. Crelle edited the journal until his death in 1855. Lots of very important mathematical articles were published in it. Some of these were articles which had a very big influence on the development of mathematics. It published famous articles by mathematicians such as Niels Henrik Abel, Georg Cantor, and Gotthold Eisenstein. It was edited by Carl Wilhelm Borchard ...


Rhind Mathematical Papyrus

The Rhind papyrus in the British Museum is the best example of Egyptian mathematics. It is named after Alexander Henry Rhind, a Scottish antiquarian. He bought the papyrus in 1858 in Luxor, Egypt. It was found during illegal excavations in or near the Ramesseum. It was written about 1650 BC. The papyrus has work and writing on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and fractions. It, and the Moscow Mathematical Papyrus, are the main sources of knowledge about mathematics in Ancient Egypt. The Rhind papyrus dates to about 1550 BC. The museum bought both the Rhind papyrus and the Egypt ...


A Mathematicians Apology

It was written by a British mathematician called G. H. Hardy 1877 - 1947. He used the essay to try to justify spending his life working on mathematics. It is said he wrote it for two reasons: He believed that mathematics should be investigated for interest, instead of for making other things like weapons. He was getting old and found it more difficult to work on mathematics. He spent time writing the essay instead because discovering new mathematical ideas was now too hard for him.