ⓘ Munich U-Bahn. The Munich U-Bahn is an underground railway network in the city of Munich, Germany. It is run by the Munchner Verkehrsgesellschaft, or MVG for sh ..

Munich U-Bahn

ⓘ Munich U-Bahn

The Munich U-Bahn is an underground railway network in the city of Munich, Germany. It is run by the Munchner Verkehrsgesellschaft, or MVG for short. It has 6 lines and has a network of 103.1 km and has exactly 100 stations. Only one line, the U6 crosses the city border in Garching.


1. Lines

There are currently 7 lines:

The trains can go 80 km/h, which is the fastest in Germany. Only the lines U5 and U6 are partly above ground. The U5 comes over ground only at the last station, the U6 for the last six stations in the north.

Trains run every 10 minutes, in rush hours every 5 minutes. In the early morning and late evening trains run every 20 minutes.

There are 3 "line families". They share the tunnel in the city centre. Each family has a colour. It is used in the stations.

  • U1/U2 red
  • U3/U6 blue
  • U4/U5 yellow

Almost every station has a platform in the middle. Only the stations Olympia-Einkaufszentrum U1, Richard-Strauss-StraSe U4, Neuperlach Sud U5, Garching-Hochbruck and Nordfriedhof both U6 have platforms on the side.

At the stations Innsbrucker Ring U2/U5 and Scheidplatz U2/U3 there are four tracks with two platforms. To change trains you only have to go to the other side of the platforms. Two lines cross at these stations. The stations Hauptbahnhof Central Station U1/U2 and Munchner Freiheit U3/U6 have four tracks. At the Hauptbahnhof there are two more tracks on another level for the U4 and U5. Here two lines separate. The stations Kolumbusplatz U1/U2, ImplerstraSe U3/U6 and Max-Weber-Platz U4/U5 have three platforms. Two for trains to the city and one for trains from the city. Two lines separate at these stations.


1.1. Lines U2

In 1980 it started together with the U1. First it was called U8. Today it is 24.4 km long. It runs between Feldmoching and Messestadt Ost. It shares track with U1 between Hauptbahnhof Central Station and Kolumbusplatz.


1.2. Lines U3

In 1972 this line was opened, because of the Olympic Games.

The line is 21.0 km long. It runs between Moosach and Furstenried West. It shares track with the U6 between Munchner Freiheit and ImplerstraSe.


1.3. Lines U4

The U4 was named U9 at first. It opened together with the U5. The line is the shortest in the network. It is 9.3 km long and has only 13 stations. It runs between Arabellapark to WestendstraSe. Between Max-Weber-Platz and WestendstraSe. In the evenings, it only operates between Lehel and Arabellapark.


1.4. Lines U5

The U5 was opened together with the U4. The line is 15.4 km long. It runs between Laimer Platz and Neuperlach Sud.


1.5. Lines U6

U6 is the oldest and longest line. The first bit was built in 1938, but it was opened in 1971. It is 27.4 km long. It operates between Garching-Forschungszentrum and Klinikum GroShadern.


1.6. Lines U7

The line was opened in 2011. It runs beetween Westfriedhof and Neuperlach Zentrum only in rush hour.


2.1. Extensions Recent Extensions

U6 North: Upgrade of Frottmaning Station Because of the new Allianz Arena soccer stadium the nearby U-Bahn station needed to be upgraded. A new, second platform was built and the old platform was moved north by about 100 m. All together the new station has four tracks. Start of construction: 10 October 2002, opened: 4 May 2005 U3/U6 Upgrade of Marienplatz Station. Because of more passengers and the new Allianz Arena also this station was extended. New pedestrian tunnels were built and the platforms widened. Start: 27 May 2003, opened: 29 May 2006 U6 North: Extension Garching-Hochbruck - Garching - Garching-Forschungszentrum This extension through the town of Garching connects Campus Garching of Munich University of Technology and other research institutes to Munichs subway system. Start: 2 April 2001, opened: 14 October, 2006 U3 North: Extension Olympia-Einkaufszentrum-Oberwiesenfeld-Olympiazentrum This extension goes past the Olympiapark and the Oberwiesenfeld on to the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum, where also the U1 ends. opened: 28 October 2007