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Plaza is a Spanish word related to "field" which describes an open public space in a city, such as a city square. In Spanish America, the plaza mayor of each city had three things: the cathedral, the cabildo or administrative center, and the audiencia or law court. The plaza might be large enough to serve as a military parade ground. At times of crisis or fiesta, it was a space where many people could be together at once. Similar to Italian piazzas, plazas are still a center of community life, like the market-place. Most colonial cities in Spanish America were planned around a square plaza ...


Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle is a traffic circle named for Christopher Columbus. The circle is in Manhattan, New York City. It is at the southwest corner of Central Park. This is where Eighth Avenue, Broadway, Central Park South, and Central Park West all meet. Hells Kitchen is next to the circle on the south. The Upper West Side is to the north.



The Gendarmenmarkt is a square in Berlin, and the site of the Konzerthaus and the French Cathedral and German Cathedrals. The centre of the Gendarmenmarkt is crowned by a statue of Germanys poet Friedrich Schiller. The square was created by Johann Arnold Nering at the end of the seventeenth century as the Linden-Markt and reconstructed by Georg Christian Unger in 1773. The Gendarmenmarkt is named after the Prussian regiment Gens dArmes. During World War II, most of the buildings were badly damaged or destroyed. Today all the buildings are restored to their former state. The Gendarmenmarkt ...


Grand Festivities Square

Grand Festivities Square is a festival and parade ground in Zawraa Park, Baghdad, Iraq. It was built in 1986 by order of president Saddam Hussein to celebrate the victory of Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War. There is a large reviewing stand and pavilion in the square. The pavilion also contains a cinema and theatre. The square was used for executions and military parades. The Victory Arch was built over the two entrances to the square. Grand Festivities Square is next to The Monument to the Unknown Soldier.


Jemaa el-Fnaa

On April 28, 2011 an explosion originated at the cafe "Aragana" in the square. 17 people were killed while 25 were wounded in the blast. According to local media reports, one source of the blast was a gas pipe.


Parade Square

Parade Square is a big city square in central Warsaw, Poland. It was established in 1955 by the Soviet Union together with the building of the Palace of Culture and Science. The square is one of the biggest in Europe and the world. It was used in the Communist period by the government of Peoples Republic of Poland for military parades. After the fall of the communism in Poland in 1989 the square was abandoned and made into a marketplace. The Warsaw municipality is planned to destroy the square for a Museum of Modern Art that will open in 2015.


Plaza Mayor of Madrid

The Plaza Mayor of Madrid was built in the 1400s on the same location as the old Plaza del Arrabal. It was used as a market in the Middle Ages. It is also called the Plaza de la Constitucion. In the 1560s, King Philip II and his architect, Juan de Herrera planned to change it into a proper square for the Courts. The first part to be finished was the Casa de la Panaderia bakery in 1590. Gomez de Mora gave it the rectangular form. The ground is still cobbled. It finally opened in 1620 under the rule of King Philip III. The statue in the middle is King Philip III on horseback made by Juan de ...


Praça Diogo de Vasconcelos

The Praça Diogo de Vasconcelos is a public square in the area of Savassi, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It is located where the roads Cristovão Colombo and Getulio Vargas meet. Also near there are the streets Pernambuco and Antonio de Albuquerque. The square a lively meeting place for the people who live in Belo Horizonte. It is located in the center of Savassi, an important commercial neighborhood. Its name honors the politician and historian Diogo de Vasconcelos. He was an early is considered the first historian of art in Brazil. Although its official name is Square Diogo de Vasconcelos, th ...


Sanam Luang

Sanam Luang is a big field in front of Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Sanam Luang has another name, Tung Pra Meru. It was used for cremation of the King and his royal relatives. In 1855, King Rama IV changed the fields name to Sanam luang, announcing that the old name was thought unlucky. King Rama I used Sanam Luang to officiate ceremonies. Then in King Rama Vs era, Sanam Luang was extended and the buildings around it were destroyed. The people used Sanam Luang to perform ceremonies instead of growing rice. In King Rama VIs era, Sanam Luang was used for horse rac ...


Times Square

Times Square is a section of Manhattan, New York City. It is a major center for tourism, show business and commerce. The square is at the meeting point of Broadway, 7th Avenue and 42nd street. One of the biggest stations in the New York City Subway system is under Times Square. The well-known city street area is probably most famous for its New Years Eve ball drop that happens every year. It is one of the most famous sights of New York.


ⓘ Town squares

  • A town square is a large open area in the center of a town Town squares were traditionally places where people came together to meet, or to sell and buy
  • two entrances to the square Grand Festivities Square is next to The Monument to the Unknown Soldier. Great Celebrations square on WikiMapia This short
  • courtyards. The central squares in the Old Town are the Cathedral Square and the Town Hall Square In 1994 the Vilnius Old Town was included in the UNESCO
  • traditional town Notable squares include: Dundas Square Harvard Square Naghsh - i Jahan Square Pilsudski Square Warsaw Red Square Moscow Tiananmen Square Times
  • collection of neighborhoods in West Town along with the neighborhoods of Bucktown and the eastern portion of Logan Square have been referred to by media as
  • China - Town As major streets of Moscow radiate from here in all directions, being promoted to major highways outside the city, the Red Square is often
  • Authority. The main places located in Model Town includes the Bank Square Market, Model Town Park and Model Town Library. Google Maps Google Maps. The
  • The Old Town Scots: Auld Toun is oldest part of Edinburgh. It preserved much of its medieval street plan and buildings. Together with New Town it forms
  • City Square The town hall and the Great Hall at the University of Leeds are the venues for the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition. The town hall
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Centenary Square

Centenary Square

Centenary Square is a public square on Broad Street in Central Birmingham, England. Baskerville House, the Library of Birmingham, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, and the International Convention Centre are on the outside of the square. The Hall of Memory is on the east side of the square. The Library tram stop of the West Midlands Metro is next to the square.

El Hedim Square

El Hedim Square

El Hedim Square is a famous square in Meknes, Morocco. The square was built in the years 1672-1674 after the Sultan of Morocco, Moulay Ismail, demolished half of the Old city of Meknes for his palace and the square. the Mansour Gate is in the front of the square.

Safra Square

Safra Square

Safra Square is Jerusalems City Hall public square. It is named after Jacob and Esther Safra, the parents of Edmond J. Safra, a Jewish philanthropist who helped to renovate downtown Jerusalem.

Temple Square

Temple Square

Temple Square is a National Historic Landmark and religious center in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Temple Square contains the Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake Tabernacle, Salt Lake Assembly Hall, the Seagull Monument and two visitors centers. With 3 million to 5 million visitors a year, Temple Square is the most popular tourist attraction in Utah.