ⓘ Girl on the Edge is an American drama movie. It is based on the novel of the same name that is based on real life events. The movie is a direct-to-video product ..


ⓘ Girl on the Edge

Girl on the Edge is an American drama movie. It is based on the novel of the same name that is based on real life events. The movie is a direct-to-video production. It stars Taylor Spreitler. The movie was directed by Jay Silverman.

Awards: 48th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival 2015, Best Editing: Lauren Connelly

Independent Filmmakers Showcase 2015, Best Cinematography: Andrew Russo DP

Independent Filmmakers Showcase 2015, Best Actress: Taylor Spreitler


1. Plot

Hannah Green is a troubled teenage girl. She drinks, does drugs and lies about her age on a dating website. She meets up with a stranger from the internet who assaults her. Her family decides to take her to a camp based on a Cheyenne principle called Maheo or higher being where girls of her age try to recover from their emotional trauma. Hannah is upset with this decision and does not want to go. At the camp Hannah forms healthy friendships with other girls of her age. She is also guided by kind, caring counselors who introduce Hannah to a horse named Betsy, a difficult horse. Hannah forms a bond with Betsy that allows her to heal. With the help of her new friends, the caring adults in her life and Betsy, we watch as Hannah and all of her friends move toward healing. We also get the perspective of her father and stepmother as they try to heal from Hannahs trauma.

The movie is an excellent example of friendship, unconditional love from parents and love from community. It is an inspirational movie for teens and adults alike. It is geared for older teens as some of the topics are not suitable for younger audiences.


2. Cast of Characters

Taylor Spreitler - Hanna Green

Peter Coyote - Hank Taylor

Gil Bellows - Jake Green

Amy Price-Francis - Anne Green

Shane Graham - Tommy Miller

Elizabeth Pena - Esther

Amy Davidson - Ariel

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