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Dunmore East

Dunmore East is a popular tourist and fishing village in County Waterford, Ireland. It lies within the barony of Gaultier:


Sevastopol Naval Base

The base is located in theadministrative territory of Sevastopol. It has several places for ships to dock which includes: Yuzhnaya Russian: Южная бухта ; Ukrainian: Південна бухта Severnaya Russian: Северная бухта ; Ukrainian: Північна бухта Karantinnaya Russian: Карантинная бухта ; Ukrainian: Карантинна бухта


ⓘ Ports and harbours of Europe

  • the larger Grand Harbour. The harbour is generally more dedicated to tourist use than the Grand Harbour Other Ports Transport Malta. Archived from
  • The Grand Harbour also known as the Port of Valletta, is a natural harbour on the island of Malta. It has been modified over the years with docks, wharves
  • The sailing club was founded in 1934. The harbour is one of the five designated National Fishery Harbours and has the second - highest figure for fish landings
  • Sydney Harbour also called Port Jackson is a natural harbour on the East Coast of Australia in Sydney. It is the location of the Sydney Opera House and the
  • port is the 4th most important in Europe The port was created in the 13th century. It was one of the main ports of the Dutch East India Company, in the
  • Fluvial and Harbor Museum of Rouen is a museum in France. It is about the history of the port of Rouen, which is one the greatest ports of France. The
  • of Aberdeenshire, around 40 miles 64 km north of Aberdeen, and 17 miles 27 km north of Peterhead. It is the largest shellfish port in Europe and a
  • Europe Only Vatican City and Monaco are smaller. Two rivers flow through San Marino. There is no major water transport, and no major port or harbour
  • city on the banks of the Lower Elbe it became an important market town, and a port It was given a town charter in 1209. From 1645 to 1712, the Stade was