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Home appliance

A Home appliance is any electrical machine use to complete some household task, such as cooking or cleaning. Home appliances can be classified into: Small appliances, or Brown goods Major appliances, or White goods This division is also detectable in the service area of these kinds of products. Most Brown goods require high technical knowledge and skills, while white goods need more practical skills and "brute force" to make the devices work, and heavy tools required to repair them. The invention of home appliances led to a decline in employment of domestic workers in the 20th century.


Clothes iron

A clothes iron has a handle and a flat triangle shaped surface. Electricity makes the flat surface hot. A hot iron is rubbed on clothes to make them flat and smooth. This is called ironing. The handle does not get hot because that is where it is held. They are named clothes irons because they used to be made out of the metal iron. Cloth is made from lots of small strings. When people wear clothes or move other things made from cloth, the little strings might bend and make lumps. Because the iron is heavy and hot when it is turned on, the little strings stretch and go flat when the iron is ...



The word dishwasher means either the person who washes dishes or a machine that does the same thing. A person could wash dishes either by hand or by operating a dish washing machine.



A fireplace is a brick or metal structure used to hold a fire. Fireplaces are most often used for heating but they can also be used for cooking. The part of the fireplace that holds the fire is called a firebox or a firepit. There is a chimney or flue above the firebox that lets the smoke from the fire go outside. Until the early 1900s, most homes had one or more fireplaces as a source of heat for the residents of the house. In the mid-1900s, gas, oil, and electric heaters became more common and fireplaces were used less often as a source of heat. In the late 1900s, fireplaces were less co ...



A Furnace is a device used for heating. The word has different meanings, though: There are industrial furnaces; these provide the heat so some process can take place. An example of such a furnace would be the use in metallurgic processing. Blast furnaces for example make iron. In American English, it is the name for a heating system in the house. British English usually calls such systems boiler, heater or kiln.


Hair dryer

A hair dryer is a device which blows cool or hot air. Hair dryers are usually used to speed up drying wet hair. The main parts of a hair dryer are a motor-powered fan and an electrically heated element. The element heats up when an electric current flows through it. When air from the fan goes through the barrel of the hair dryer, it is heated by the element. The hot air passes out of the end of the hair dryer the nozzle. The user can direct the nozzle towards their hair. Alexandre Godefoy created the first model of the hair dryer in France in 1890.



A radiator is a device used to move heat from one location to another location. Some radiators are used to cool things, such as a car engine. Some radiators are used to heat things, such as a house.


Swamp cooler

Swamp coolers are simple type of air conditioning device that can cool a room of a house or a car by using the cooling effect of the evaporation of water. Swamp coolers can cool the air temperature in a small space by drawing the air through wet pads using an electric fan. Swamp coolers work best in dry climates such as the American Southwest and the American South. They are usually much cheaper to buy and operate than refrigerated air-conditioning devices. This type of air conditioner was first used thousands of years ago in ancient Iran


Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a device that cleans dust and dirt from floors. Sometimes it is just called a vacuum because it uses the force of a vacuum to suck dirt into a large chamber from which it can be dumped into the garbage. There are several types of vacuum cleaners: Canister vacuum cleaners Carpet cleaners Upright vacuum cleaners Handheld vacuum cleaners Car vacuum cleaners Robot vacuum cleaners

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