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No. 3 Fighter Sector RAAF

No. 3 Fighter Sector was a Royal Australian Air Force unit during World War Two. No. 3FS was responsible for fighter aircraft control and coordination for the Townsville region. 3FS would collect all of the intelligence information from the various D/F stations and VAOC posts, decide on the what needed to be done and then tell the fighter or bomber squadrons to respond. 3FS was in telephone and radio contact with all of the anti-aircraft, searchlight, RDF and HF/DF stations in the Townsville area. It was first set up at Townsville Grammar School, on 25 February 1942. The Womens Auxiliary A ...


Division of Oxley (1901–34)

The Division of Oxley was an Australian Electoral Division in the state of Queensland. It covered the inner southern suburbs of Brisbane, including South Brisbane, Woolloongabba, Coorparoo, Bulimba and Maree. Oxley was one of the 75 divisions set up for the first Federal election in 1901. It was named after explorer John Oxley. It was replaced by the Division of Griffith at the redistribution of 1 August 1934. In 1949, a new Division of Oxley was created in the south-western suburbs of Brisbane, mainly around Ipswich.


Port of Gladstone

The Port of Gladstone is a seaport in Gladstone, Queensland. It exports the fourth largest amount of coal of any seaport in the world. The port has several different parts to it. Auckland Point was where coal began to be exported in 1925. Later, live horses were moved there in the mid 1930s. Barney Point was used to export coal from Moura. Barney Point was made part of the Port of Gladstone in November 1998. The Fisherman’s Landing part was opened in 1980. It was expanded in the 1990s and is planned to be expanded more. Boyne Wharf is used by the Boyne Island aluminium smelter and was open ...

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