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Ford (disambiguation)

Ford can mean more than one thing: Gerald Ford, former U.S. President ford, a safe, shallow place to get to the other side of a river Harrison Ford, U.S. actor Henry Ford, U.S. inventor; or other members of his family Ford Motor Company, car company started by Henry Ford; and the cars and trucks it makes


ⓘ English inventors

  • Sir Richard Arkwright 3 January 1733 3 August 1792 was an English inventor and a leading entrepreneur during the early Industrial Revolution. He invented
  • Edmund Cartwright 24 April 1743 30 October 1823 was an English inventor He graduated from Oxford University. He was an Anglican clergyman and in 1785
  • Trevor Graham Baylis 13 May 1937 5 March 2018 was an English inventor He was best known for the wind - up radio. He invented it in response to the need
  • in Cumberland, England - November 16, 1751, London was an English watchmaker and inventor He was a member of the British Royal Society. He was a close
  • Marquis de Sade sentenced to death. May 20 - Sir William Congreve, English inventor August 24 King William I of the Netherlands March 29 Emanuel Swedenborg
  • Alexander Parkes 1813 - 1890 was an English inventor He created the earliest form of plastics which was called parkesine. This short article about a person or
  • Black Sabbath were an English heavy metal band. They are considered to be the inventors of heavy metal which they helped start the genre in the late 1960s
  • Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, English statesman died 1742 May 24 Gabriel Fahrenheit, German physicist and inventor died 1736 June 9 Andrei Osterman
  • and plastics are inventions that everyone knows. Inventions are made by inventors Many inventions are patented. Ideas are also called inventions. Writers