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Lu Jintang

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Lu. Lu Jintang was a Chinese politician and educator. Lu joined the Communist Party of China in June 1930, and he was the guerrilla leader of the Communist Party of China in Gaocheng during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Lu was the Principal of Hebei Zhengding High School 1947-1950 and the president of Hebei Beijing Normal College todays Hebei Normal University before the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. Lu later served as the Direct of the Bureau of Education of Baoding city government and the first principal of Experimental Middle Schoo ...


ⓘ Chinese politicians

  • Wang Yang Chinese 汪洋 born 12 March 1955 is a Chinese politician serving as a 9th Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People s Political
  • Buhe or Bu He Chinese 布赫 March 1926 - May 5, 2017 also known as Yun Shuguang, was a Chinese politician The eldest son of the powerful Inner Mongolia
  • Cao Zhi Chinese 曹志 pinyin: Cao Zhì May 1928 1 July 2020 was a Chinese politician He was born in Shandong, China He was a member of the Communist
  • Yang Xiong Chinese 杨雄 November 1953 12 April 2021 was a Chinese politician and business executive. He was Mayor of Shanghai. On 17 January 2017
  • Chinese name the family name is Cheng. Cheng Siwei June 1935 12 July 2015 was a Chinese politician and economist. He was the Chairman of China Soft
  • Li Rui Chinese 李锐 April 13, 1917 February 16, 2019 was a Chinese politician He was a member of the Communist Party of China He was also a writer
  • Yang Xiaobo January 1963 January 2020 was a Chinese politician From 2009 until December 2014, he served as mayor of Huangshi. He was born in Tianmen
  • Hongwei simplified Chinese 孟宏伟 traditional Chinese 孟宏偉 pinyin: Meng Hongweǐ born November 1953 is a Chinese former politician He was the President
  • Xu Jiatun Chinese 许家屯 10 March 1916 29 June 2016 was a Chinese communist politician and dissident. He was the Chinese Communist Party secretary of
  • only Chinese American ever to have served as a governor of any state. He was also the first Chinese American to serve as the U.S. ambassador to China Gilbert
  • This is a Chinese name the family name is Jiang. Jiang Zemin Chinese 江泽民 born 17 August 1926 is a retired Chinese politician He was General Secretary
Cen Chunxuan

Cen Chunxuan

Cen Chunxuan was a Zhuang Chinese politician who lived in the late Qing dynasty and Republic of China. He wanted the Qing to become a monarchy based on a constitution. Empress Dowager Cixi supported him. He was a governor of Guangdong and became a warlord during the ROC but then Sun Yat-sens government replaced his.

Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang was a Chinese politician and general of the ancient Shu Han Dynasty. He helped his lord Liu Bei conquer the country Ba Shu from 211 to 214, along with Pang Tong. After Liu Beis death in 223, Zhuge Liang was a regent for the new emperor Liu Shan. Zhuge Liang attempted to conquer the Southern Wei territories five times but had no success. He died in 234, leaving the regency to Jiang Wei.