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1995 World Wushu Championships

The 1995 World Wushu Championships are the 3rd edition of the World Wushu Championships, and were held in Baltimore, USA. Anthony Goh is the founding president of the USA Wushu Kungfu Federation USAWKF which was established in 1993. In 1995, he established the Pan American Wushu Federation PAWF, which currently consists of 23 member nations. He has served as an executive committee member of the International Wushu Federation IWUF since 1995. In 2003, he was elected as its vice-president; a position which he still holds. Goh was one of the most prominent tournament promoters in the country ...


Han Buddhism

Han Buddhism or Chinese buddhism refers to Buddhism written in Chinese characters or that of the East Asian cultural sphere. It is one of the three main existing schools of Buddhism: the other two are Tibetan Buddhism and Theravada. It is mainly practiced in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. It has had a great impact on East Asian culture. Like Tibetan Buddhism, Han Buddhism comes from Mahayana, the branch of Buddhism written mainly in Sanskrit and from northern India. Han Buddhism has a lot of interaction between the Indian religions and Chinese religions like Taoism.


ⓘ Regions of Asia by country

  • least 44 countries Turkey, Russia, Georgia and Cyprus are partly in other continents. Asia includes a large amount of land. Covering about 30 of the world s
  • transcontinental country is a nation that is in more than one continent. Examples: Africa and Asia Egypt The Sinai Peninsula Asia and Europe Cyprus
  • rotated by regions the region for the first tournament will be decided by draw. AFC announces key competition decisions The - Asian Football
  • The history of Asia can be seen as the history of several distinct regions East Asia South Asia and the Middle East that have more or less context
  • they are technically constituent countries within a sovereign country UK. They are also sometimes referred to as regions provinces, nations, or statelets
  • next to the countries of Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. It also has a coast on the Black Sea. It is at the edge of Europe and Asia Georgia has
  • and Macau, although not independent countries both are Special regions of China are also members of the AHF. One of IHF s six continental confederations
  • Europe is the western part of the continent of Eurasia, sometimes thought of as its own continent. It is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains in Russia
  • This is a list of sovereign states. Andorra country profile BBC News. Retrieved 8 November 2011. Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Chapter 44: The