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Dương Van Minh

Dương Van Minh was a former General of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. He came from the first course at the French Military Academy of the Indochinese Confederation in the southeastern part of Vietnam for the purpose of training indigenous people to become officers serving the Colonial Army. During his active service, he was assigned to specialized positions in Command and General Staff. He was one of the few officers to be promoted to the rank of General of the Republic and was also one of five soldiers who were promoted to General in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam. He w ...


ⓘ Vietnamese military people

  • Van Tiến Dũng 2 May 1917 17 March 2002 was a Vietnamese revolutionary and a General in the People s Army of Vietnam. He was a Member of the Politburo
  • is better known as the Viet Cong Viet Cong or V.C., short for Vietnamese Communist. American soldiers called the Vietnamese communist forces Charlie
  • the Viet Minh during the First Indochina War and the North Vietnamese Army NVA during the Vietnam War. The NVA is not to be confused with the Viet Cong
  • Vietnam Vietnamese Cong hoa Xã hoi chủ nghĩa Viet Nam is a country in Southeast Asia. The long - form name of the country is the Socialist Republic of
  • Vietnam. It began to send military advisors to help train and support the South Vietnamese army. The South was fighting against the Viet Cong, a communist party
  • Dình Diem in Vietnamese was the first President of South Vietnam. He was born on 3 January 1901 in Hue, Vietnam. Even though most Vietnamese are Buddhist
  • Minh surrendered to Viet Cong. South Vietnam ceased to exist on 30 April, 1975. This day is also known as Black April to Vietnamese anti - communists. State
  • In this Vietnamese name, the family name is Trần, but is often changed to Tran in English - language text. According to Vietnamese custom, this person should
  • Quốc meaning Nguyễn by far the most common Vietnamese last name who loves his country Vietnamese people commonly refer to him as Bac Hồ Uncle Hồ
Van Tiến Dũng

Van Tiến Dũng

Van Tiến Dũng was a Vietnamese revolutionary and a General in the Peoples Army of Vietnam. He was a Member of the Politburo, Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam Peoples Army Minister of Defense Secretary of the Party Central Military Party. He is one of the famous generals of Vietnam. And the direct commander of the Ho Chi Minh Campaign in 1975.