ⓘ Neighborhood of Make-Believe. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe is the fictional kingdom where hand puppet lived in. They were characters on the childrens televi ..


ⓘ Neighborhood of Make-Believe

The Neighborhood of Make-Believe is the fictional kingdom where hand puppet lived in. They were characters on the childrens television series Mister Rogers Neighborhood which aired on PBS, from 1968–2001. Principal puppeteer Fred Rogers created many of the puppet characters in the 1950s for Josie Careys program, The Childrens Corner. It was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Characters in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe were portrayed by both hand puppets operated by puppeteers and actors. They would occasionally talk to the viewers in specific episodes.

There is a TV show about the Neighborhood called Daniel Tigers Neighborhood.


1. Puppets

  • James Michael Jones
  • The Platypus Family
  • Daniel Striped Tiger
  • King Friday XIII
  • Neighborhood Trolley
  • Yo-Yo LaBelle
  • Harriet Elizabeth Cow
  • Donkey Hodie
  • Lady Elaine Fairchilde
  • Queen Sara Saturday
  • Prince Tuesday
  • The Frogg Family
  • Cornflake "Corney" S. Pecially
  • Grandpere Tiger
  • Betty Okonak Templeton-Jones
  • Henrietta Pussycat
  • H.J. Elephant III
  • Carrie Dell Okonak Templeton-Jones
  • X the Owl
  • Old Goat
  • Edgar Cooke
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