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Chandragrohon: The Lunar Eclipse is a Bangladeshi movie based on a short story written by Indian Bengali author Syed Mustafa Siraj. The movie was released 2008 and younger director Murad Parvez first time directed the film. The film features Riaz, Shohana Saba, and Champa in lead roles along with Shahiduzzaman Selim, KS Firoz, Dilara Jaman, Kohinur, Gazi Rakayet, and Azom Faruk supporting role. In 2008, the movie won three National Film Awards and including other four awards.


Kusum Prem

Kusum Prem is a Bangladeshi Bengali language movie. It was released 2011. The movie directed by Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar who also wrote the story. The movie produced by Impress Telefilm Limited. The movie stars Moushumi, Ferdous and Riaz in lead roles.


Biyer Phul

Biyer Phul is a Bangladeshi romantic movie. It was released in 1999 and directed by Motin Rahman. The movie stars Riaz, Shabnur, and Shakil Khan in lead roles along with Kabori, Amol Bosh, Probir Mitra, Ahmed Sharif, and Misha Swaodagor.


Jiban Thekey Neya

Jibon Theke Neya is a Bengali movie by Bangladeshi filmmaker Zahir Raihan. The movie is a political satire based on the Bengali Language Movement, and stars Shaukat Akbar, Anwar Hossain, Khan Ataur Rahman and Rosy Samad. Jibon Theke Neya has been described as an example of "national cinema", using discrete local traditions to build a representation of the Bangladeshi national identity.


Rani Kuthir Baki Itihash

Rani Kuthir Baki Itihash is a 2006 Bangladeshi drama-mystery movie The movie was the directoral debut of news anchor and prominent media personality Samia Zaman. and produced by Bangladeshi satellite TV Channel NTV, their second film production.