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In natural language and in cognitive decision-making, alternative is one of two things//actions which can be chosen. From a specific perspective//goal, alternatives are always equivalent. In logic and mathematics, alternative is the element of logical disjunction. In different contexts alternative or Alternativism may refer to: Alternative dance and Alternative metal, subgenres of alternative rock Alternative rock, a style of rock music Alternative country Alternative hip-hop Alternative education, alternatives to traditional education Alternative comics, one of several labels applied to a ...



Class could mean: Social class refers to the differences between groups in societies or cultures, and is a basic idea in economics, sociology and other social sciences class, a lesson, in education class, short for a classroom Class education, a group of students in a course or lesson Class philosophy, distinguishes between classes and types Class set theory, in mathematics Class biology, a rank used in taxonomy Travel class



Study can mean: Study art, a drawing or series of drawings done before a major work of art Research, a way of finding new understanding Study room, a room of the house, similar to a home office Education Study skills, ways to improve learning An experiment Etude, a piece of music also called a "study" Field of study, a general topic of knowledge



Decision can mean: A decision is also the result of a sports contest. The team lost three decisions in a row. A decision is when someone chooses to do one thing out of a number of other things they could do. For example, a person may decide make a decision whether to eat hot dogs, pizza, or vegetables. A decision in Boxing is when a referee official decides who wins when the one boxer does not win by knockout hitting the other until he loses consciousness. A decision is also the result of a legal case. The decision in Brown v. Board of Education was to end segregation. Decision theory is a ...


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Seyi Makinde

Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde is a Nigerian Businessman, Politician and Philanthropist. He is the governor of Oyo State in South-western Nigeria.



Anchalumoodu is a town and neighbourhood of the city of Kollam, India. Speciality of Anchalumoodu is that, 75% of it is surrounded by Ashtamudi lake, which is famous for its scenic beauty and attracts hundreds of tourists around the globe to Kollam.