ⓘ Let It Be, Beatles album. At the end of the year, Apples accountants told the Beatles that they would have to release some kind of album and program from the Ge ..


ⓘ Let It Be (Beatles album)

At the end of the year, Apples accountants told the Beatles that they would have to release some kind of album and program from the Get Back sessions. They had spent too much money on the project to just forget about it. Glyn Johns, a young music producer, tried to assemble an album from the session tapes, but he also could not please the Beatles. Anxious fans and insiders worked together and released a bootleg album from Johnss mix. Even though it was an unauthorised album, it sold many copies and received radio airplay. The public wanted to hear the songs, good or bad.

Phil Spector, a legendary producer who predated the Beatles, had always wanted to work with them. Allen Klein brought Spector to England early in 1970 to meet them. John Lennon and George Harrison got along well with Spector, who produced a record of Lennons song "Instant Karma!" the same day he wrote it. Lennon and Harrison gave their OK for Spector to work on the recordings, and Ringo Starr played along with the musicians Spector hired, to make overdubs. This went against the original plan to present the songs live, but was accepted to "sweeten" – and finish – the recordings.

An eighty-minute program was edited together from the movie footage, and the band decided it would make a better movie than a television show. The Beatles had a contract with United Artists, who agreed to distribute the movie, which was titled Let it Be. The Get Back title was dropped, since "Get Back" had already appeared as a single almost a year earlier.

Some of the new songs that appeared in the movie, including "Across the Universe" and "I Me Mine", were not finished on record. A session was scheduled in January 1970 to record full versions of some songs, but John Lennon refused to attend. George Harrison made a joke about this, during a take of "I Me Mine", referring to Lennon as "Dave Dee", another British musician.

Spector applied his "Wall of Sound" style to the Beatles recordings, including an old tape of "Across the Universe", so it could appear on record. His finished album was listenable, and showed none of the troubles that affected the band during the sessions, but it did not sound the same as other Beatles albums. Paul McCartney hated the changes Spector made to his songs on the album, especially "The Long and Winding Road", but he could not stop the album from being issued.

Another problem was the timing of the records release. Allen Klein had succeeded in remaking the Beatless recording deal, and McCartney was not bound by the same promise Lennon had been, to not say he was leaving the band. His first solo album, finished early in 1970, included a press release stating that he had no further plans to work with the Beatles. This effectively broke up the band. He also wanted the album released ahead of Let it Be.

Ringo Starr, who also had a solo record Sentimental Journey, due to appear, was sent to ask McCartney to change his release date. The two argued, and McCartney threw Starr out of his house. The release schedule was changed, so McCartney could have his wish. Starrs album appeared earlier than planned, and Let it Be was pushed back from April to May.


1. Reception

Let it Be was both a hit movie and a hit album, and won a Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack. Paul McCartney accepted the award. The news that the Beatles were breaking up was very sad to their fans, however, and the knowledge made watching the movie a bittersweet experience. Many fans and critics did not like Spectors changes to the Beatles style on record, and said so publicly.

A souvenir book was also issued, but instead of being a real document of the sessions, the book was censored and heavily edited, and reflected little of what was intended. It never appeared in the United States.

Late in 1970, John Lennon issued a solo album, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, which made his feelings plain in its last song, "God": Lennon sang "I dont believe in Beatles." He gave a long interview to Rolling Stone magazine, which was later published as a book, Lennon Remembers. He told his side of the Let it Be story, declared "That movie was set up by Paul, for Paul", and said he regretted not announcing that he quit the Beatles first.

When home video came along in the 1970s, Let it Be became a popular rental and sales title. Over time, the Beatles asserted their copyright control over the movie, and copies were withdrawn. The movie has been planned as a reissue many times, but has yet to be officially released on DVD.

In 2003, recording engineers went back to the old session tapes, and used digital remastering to make a new version of the familiar Let it Be songs. The new version was close to what the Beatles had wanted to make in the first place, and had none of Spectors post-production work. The album was issued as Let it Be. Naked, and was praised as a "real"-sounding recording.


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