ⓘ Jim Forbes, Australian politician. Alexander James de Burgh Forbes was an Australian politician. He was a member of the Liberal Party. He was a government minis ..

Jim Forbes (Australian politician)

ⓘ Jim Forbes (Australian politician)

Alexander James de Burgh Forbes was an Australian politician. He was a member of the Liberal Party. He was a government minister under five Prime Ministers: Robert Menzies, Harold Holt, John McEwen, John Gorton and William McMahon. Forbes served as Minister for the Army, Minister for Health and Minister for Immigration. He was also MP for Barker from 1956 to 1975.

Forbes was born in Hobart, Tasmania. He served in the army during World War II, and was discharged in 1947. He later attended the University of Adelaide and Oxford University. Forbes lived for many years in the suburb of St Peters in Adelaide, South Australia.

Forbes died at a hospital in Adelaide on 10 August 2019. He was 95.

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