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A concert is a performance in which a musician or many musicians play music together to a group of listeners. In the case of a concert of classical music there may be an orchestra. There is often an important visual element to the performance, such as with a rock concert. However, if acting out a story is an important part of the performance, then this is called "theatre" or "opera" but some concerts have dramatic, theatrical music, with lights and special effects. Informal names for a concert include "show" or sometimes, "gig" for musicians who play in lots of different concerts, with dif ...



KylieFever2002 was the seventh concert tour by Australian singer Kylie Minogue. The tour was created to promote her eighth studio album, Fever. It began in Cardiff, Wales on 26 April 2002 and ended on 16 August 2002 in Melbourne, Australia.


Live 8

Live 8 was a rock concert organized by activist Bob Geldof. The concert took place in nine places at once on July 2, 2005. Like Bobs Live Aid concert, Live 8 was made for helping out African citizens who were not getting enough food and medicine. However, this concert was not for charity. Instead, it was held to make people aware of the famine in Africa. Bob wanted to make the political group named the G8 give more to Africa. The concerts featured singers like Paul McCartney, Juan Diego Florez and U2. In November 2005, the concerts were released on DVD. The money used to buy the DVD sets w ...


Live Earth

Live Earth was a series of concerts held on July 7, 2007, and were organized by Al Gore, who used to be the vice president. Inspired by Live Aid and Live 8, Live Earth was held to raise awareness about global warming. It was held in cities on every continent in the world, even Antarctica, and stars like Madonna and the Foo Fighters came out to help.


Promenade concert

This article is about concerts in the parks in London in the 18th and 19th centuries. For the Promenade Concerts in the Royal Albert Hall see BBC Proms. The word Promenade Concert today usually refers to one of the concerts in the series started by Henry Wood in 1895, known today as the BBC Proms. However, before these concerts started there had for many years been promenade concerts in the parks of London. These concerts took place in the leisure gardens where people could walk about while listening to the music. People had to pay to go into the leisure gardens. There were lots of enterta ...


Sound check

A soundcheck is an activity that takes place a couple hours before a concert. The performer and the sound crew run through a short song to make sure that the sound in the venue is clear and at the right volume and tonal frequencies. Soundchecks are especially important for popular and other musical genres that use heavily-amplified PA systems; having correct sound is very important to the success of such events. A soundcheck remains part art and not all science, however, because the acoustics of a venue often change somewhat once it is filled with an audience. Artists who change their set ...


Vienna New Years Concert

The New Year Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is a concert of classical music that takes place each year on the morning of 1 January in Vienna, Austria. The concert hall where they are held is called the Wiener Musikverein. The music traditionally consists of waltzes, marches and polkas by the Strauss family. The concert is shown on television to about one billion people in 44 countries.