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Guarani language

Guarani is an American Indian language from Paraguay. It is an official language of Paraguay. Guarani is written using the Guarani alphabet. Guarani is one of the most widely spoken American languages. It is often used among the Paraguayan people and neighboring communities. This is unique among American languages. Language shift towards European colonial languages in this case, Spanish has been nearly universal in the Western Hemisphere. However, Paraguayans have kept their traditional language while also adopting Spanish.



Quechua, sometimes written Quichua or Ketchua, is a language spoken by 8 million people in the South American nations of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia. It was also the language of the ancient Inca Empire. Its part of the Quechuan languages family. It is the most-spoken Native American language in South America. It is also the most widely-spoken indigenous language. A quarter of people in Peru speak Quechua. People who speak Quechua as their first language are called Quechua Indians by Spanish-speakers. However, the Quechua refer to themselves as Runa "the people" and call ...


ⓘ Languages of South America

  • ancient Inca Empire. It s part of the Quechuan languages family. It is the most - spoken Native American language in South America It is also the most widely - spoken
  • Latin America is a region of the Americas consisting of countries where the people speak Romance languages languages that came from Vulgar Latin People
  • Ibero - Romance language in the 6th century. Castilian and Portuguese became separate languages around the 12th century. In Spain, there are other languages that
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  • group of languages which are called Na - Dene languages are spoken in Alaska and north - west Canada. Southern Athabaskan languages are spoken in the South - western
  • speak native languages and have their own cultural practices, while others have adopted some parts of Western culture. Many Native Americans face problems
  • or creole languages like the Maya languages Central America has a density of 77 people per square kilometer. Central America has an area of 524, 000 square
  • Ages and later by Romance languages especially French. English is the only official language or one of the official languages of nearly 60 countries, and
  • South Dakota is a state in the United States. South Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889. Its capital is Pierre and largest city is Sioux Falls.
Aymara language

Aymara language

The Aymara language is spoken by the Aymara tribe in Bolivia, Peru, and north of Chile. In Chile, only a third of thribe say that they speak it well. An inflected language, it is one of the few Native American languages that has over one million speakers.