ⓘ Provincial birds of Pakistan. Pakistani Provincial birds are Pakistan endemic avifauna that have gained the status as subnational birds symbol that represent Pa ..

Provincial birds of Pakistan

ⓘ Provincial birds of Pakistan

Pakistani Provincial birds are Pakistan endemic avifauna that have gained the status as subnational birds symbol that represent Pakistan and describe Pakistani biodiversity, and are a Union of 7 federative units, including one federal territory. Each of these Pakistani units has designated an unofficial provincial/territorial bird, which are listed below respectively.


1. National Birds

The National Bird of Pakistan is the Chukar Pheasant Alectoris chukar, and the Himalayan Shaheen Black Falcon Falco peregrinus peregrinator, is the National Bird of Prey.

  • of Pakistan on the advice of the provincial Chief Minister. The chief executive of the province is the Chief Minister who is normally the leader of the
  • composed of the Senate, the National Assembly, and the four Provincial Assemblies chooses a leadership representing the President of Pakistan for a five - year
  • east of Bangladesh. Provincial bird of Northeast Indian region Provincial animal of Northeast Indian region Indian rose Chestnut, provincial tree of Northeast
  • سندھ is a province in Pakistan The provincial capital of Sindh is Karachi. Sindh has a population of 30 million people and an area of 54, 407 mi² or 140
  • Greater Flamingo, provincial bird of Gujarat Asiatic or Indian Panthera leo persica, provincial animal of Gujarat Mango tree, provincial tree of Gujarat Marigold
  • poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The Pakistan Air Force has as a symbol and in Gilgit - Baltistan it is the unofficial bird of the region. Gehan de Silva Wijeratne
  • detailed information about the National symbols of Pakistan Provincial symbols of Pakistan Please Note Some of these patriotic national depicted elements
  • Kingfisher, provincial bird of Bengal Fishing cat, provincial animal of Bengal Devil tree, provincial tree of Bengal Night - flowering Jasmine, provincial flower
  • 5 Provincially Administered Tribal Areas PATA Districts. The administration of the PATA districts is the responsibility the President of Pakistan and
  • cristatus originally from India, and Pakistan In Pakistan it is the provincial regional bird of the province of the Punjab Green peafowl Pavo muticus
  • Indo - Aryan languages like Nepali, Bengali, and Hindi. Provincial bird Provincial animal Provincial flower Tibet Sino Indian border dispute China renames
  • Republic of modern India, and West Punjab went to Islamic Pakistan Northern Goshawk, provincial bird of East Punjab Blackbuck, provincial animal of East