ⓘ 1928 was a leap year starting on Sunday in the Gregorian calendar. It was a leap year starting on Saturday in the Julian calendar and a common year starting on ..


ⓘ 1928

1928 was a leap year starting on Sunday in the Gregorian calendar. It was a leap year starting on Saturday in the Julian calendar and a common year starting on Monday of the obsolete Julian calendar. It was also the last year when the Julian calendar was used until Tuesday, January 1, 1929, when every state in the entire world had adopted the Gregorian calendar.


1. Events

  • January 31 – Leon Trotsky is exiled to Kazakhstan
  • June 9 – Australian flyer Charles Kingsford Smith finishes the first airplane flight across the Pacific Ocean.
  • May 7 – The United Kingdom gives equal voting rights to women by passing the Representation of the People Act. This law allows women to vote when they are 21 years old, like men. Before this, women could not vote until they were 30.
  • February 8 – British inventor John Logie Baird sends the first television signal across the Atlantic Ocean, from London to New York
  • September 28 – Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin
  • October 2 – Josemaria Escriva starts Opus Dei.

2. Births

  • December 1 - Malachi Throne, American television actor died 2013.
  • January 5 – Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan and 4th President died 1979.
  • April 23 – Shirley Temple, American child actress and diplomat died 2014.
  • July 26 – Stanley Kubrick, American movie director died 1999.
  • May 4 – Hosni Mubarak, 4th President of Egypt and Prime Minister died 2020.
  • June 14 – Che Guevara, Argentinian Marxist revolutionary died 1967.
  • March 20 – Fred Rogers, American television childrens program host and writer died 2003.
  • December 30 – Bo Diddley, American rock and roll musician died 2008.
  • August 22 – Karlheinz Stockhausen, German composer died 2007.
  • The 1928 Okeechobee hurricane, also called the San Felipe hurricane, was a very bad tropical cyclone. Almost 4, 100 people died in the northeast Caribbean
  • The 1928 29 NHL season was the twelfth season of the National Hockey League. Ten teams played 44 games each. This was the first Stanley Cup playoffs ever
  • The 1928 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the IX Olympiad, were held at Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The games were thought to be a success
  • The 1928 Winter Olympics, officially known as the II Olympic Winter Games, were held in 1928 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The 1928 Games were the first
  • Luther is a 1928 movie about the life of Martin Luther, father of the Protestant Reformation. The silent movie starred Eugen Klopfer as Luther and Theodor
  • The Man Who Laughs is a 1928 American silent romantic drama movie directed Paul Leni. The movie is based of Victor Hugo s 1869 novel of the same name and
  • The flag of South Africa from 1928 to 1994 was originally used by the Union of South Africa from 1928 to 1961 and the Republic of South Africa from 1961
  • West Point is a 1928 silent movie. The story and screenplay were written by Raymond L. Schrock. Titles were written by Joseph Farnham. The movie was directed
  • A Girl in Every Port is a 1928 American romantic comedy movie directed by Howard Hawks and starring Victor McLaglen, Robert Armstrong, Louise Brooks, Natalie
  • 8½ pounds. Current Awards Best Picture  since 1928 Best Actor  since 1928 Best Actress  since 1928 Best Supporting Actor  since 1936 Best Supporting