ⓘ Basic needs. There have been several classifications of the needs of a person. While these classifications vary, they commonly place the basic needs at the lowe ..


Wage slavery

Wage slavery is a situation where the pay a person receives for work is so low it barely or doesnt cover their expenses. The workers wages are used up to pay for their basic needs, and they are unable to earn more. This person then doesnt have any money left to save, for the expenses of an emergency. Wage slavery is caused when bosses have more power than their employees and pay them very little money. The term "wage slavery" is used by Marxists and other people who do not like capitalism.

Basic needs

ⓘ Basic needs

There have been several classifications of the needs of a person. While these classifications vary, they commonly place the basic needs at the lowest level. Basic needs are those that must be satisfied, to guarantee survival. According to Abraham Maslow these include:

  • Needs of the body, or biological needs: breathing, warmth clothing, food and drink, sleep
  • Social needs: friends/a partner, love, a sex life, communication
  • Security: A place to live, health, protection from danger, law and order

Maslow doesnt clearly say which of these are basic needs.

Absolute poverty has been defined as being unable to satisfy basic needs, or spending most of the income on satisfying those needs.

  • levels are in order of importance. Basic needs These include things such as breathing, food, water, and sleep. Safety needs This includes things such as
  • have it, is called a want. Every person has the same basic needs for the body. Humans have bodily needs of water, food, clothing, and shelter to live. The
  • give them to those in need. Most charities are concerned with providing basic needs such as food, water, clothing, health care and shelter. The most common
  • receive basic needs such as food, housing and healthcare. Federal and state welfare programs include money assistance, healthcare and medical needs food
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  • have most of these needs but there are still many people living in poverty and in poor quality homes. Even if these basic needs are met there are still