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Parisa Damandan

Parisa Damandan, or Parīsā Damandān Nafīsī̄ is an Iranian photographer and art historian. She is the author of Portrait photographs from Isfahan: Faces in transition, 1920-1950, a book illustrating the history of Isfahan in the early 20th century with portrait photographs, which she collected over a period of ten years; the photographs were hard to find because many photo archives in Isfahan had been burned after the enactment of a 1979 law forbidding depictions of unveiled women.


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  • 2014 was an Iranian historian and writer. He wrote over fifty non - fiction books. Most popular reads on topics such as the history of Iran He was born
  • or Parīsā Damandān Nafīsī born 1967, Esfahān, Iran is an Iranian photographer and art historian She is the author of Portrait photographs from Isfahan:
  • Khan Eghtedari Gerashi 1925 16 April 2019 was an Iranian teacher, lawyer, writer, historian and geographer. He was known for his work as an academic
  • This is a list of historians It is sorted by continent. Samir Farid, d. in 2017 Manetho, lived in the early 3rd century BC Ibn Khaldun, d. in 1406 Abdelhadi
  • September 1, 2018 was an Iranian historian and linguist. He worked in iranology. He was the founder and director of The Center for Iranian Studies, and Hagop
  • Henry, 3rd Earl of Lancaster died 1345 Hamdollah Mostowfi, Ilkhanid Iranian historian died 1349 Rudolph I of Bohemia died 1307 Ertuğrul, father of Osman
  • Jale, Jaleh Movaghar born 1953 a grand daughter of Mirza Ismail Khan, see Iranian Television producer Jaleh Amouzgar born 1939 Iranian historian
  • geography it was called Rhagae. Its name dates back to the pre - Median. Some historians point its building to very old storybook royal family, and some others
  • The Scythians or Scyths. were Iranian nomadic Eurasian people. They were nomadic, famous for their skills at horse riding, who dominated the Pontic steppe