ⓘ Vijay Nagar. Jabalpur or popularly known as the Sanskardhani is known for a lot of things. Its cultural and traditional beauty makes it unique in every other wa ..


ⓘ Vijay Nagar

Jabalpur or popularly known as the Sanskardhani is known for a lot of things. Its cultural and traditional beauty makes it unique in every other way. The most renowned places of the city are Madan Mahal, Bhedaghat, Dhuadhar Waterfalls, Marble Rocks and much more. Jabalpur is a 2 tier city that is under the process of development apart from the constant developing process it also comes under the purview of the Jabalpur Smart City project. The constant planning and construction of which has done wonders and has largely affected many significant growing projects. Vijay Nagar cant be fully termed as a part but, it has deeply influenced. Although, there are few lesser-known beauties of this city that makes it one of a kind and they are situated within the residential area of Jabalpur. One such popular residential area is Vijay Nagar which has become influential in recent years.


1. Deen Dayal Bus Terminal

Previously, the area of Vijay Nagar was a dense jungle with permanent houses a distance away with no major medical or schooling facility available. The main credit for development has to be given to the National Bus Terminal popularly known as Deen Dayal Bus Terminal which is being built nearby resulting in the crowd of expensive cafes and hang-out points. The Chief Minister Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan under his power has taken full responsibility for this project which was completed in 2016. The terminal is built on a lake called Madhotal and Jabalpur was once known as the city of lakes which is also taal in Hindi, due to many lakes present in various areas but now it is widely known as the Marble City. It is said that this terminal consists of a beautiful garden, spreading it to a large area.


2. Kachnar City

Vijay Nagar is often known after the name of Kachnar City being the biggest residential area and a major tourist spot. As the city is known for its cultural diversity, the Corporation built a solitary temple for Lord Shiva with pure white marble which is the speciality of this place. This Lord Shiva Temple eventually became famous for tourist attraction and added to the beauty of Jabalpur. The lord shiva statue is around 76 feet tall and has integrated design work which makes it extremely famous. Kachnar City Temple is termed as one of the most popular and widely held religious sites in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh for its detailing and beauty. There is a secret chamber that has around 12 shiva lingams from all the major Shiva temples in the country which are also popularly known as Jyotirlinga according to Hindu Mythology. Later, with further construction and proper planning, Vijay Nagar is known for two things - Shalby Hospital as the best and largest multi-specialist hospital & Kachnar City Mahadev as the oldest & in fact the first skilled beauty establishment in the city which is situated in the middle and much appreciated by the residents. Previously the idol was in white colour but now it has been changed to blue. Due to a unique blend of luscious green surroundings and spiritual aura, it forms a perfect family spot for outings. The evening aarti forms the centre of attraction.


3. Joy Senior Secondary School

Founded in 1986, Joy Senior Secondary School is one of the most renowned schools in Jabalpur. It is situated in Vijay Nagar too and is termed best in its educational facility all over the city. The school is CBSE affiliated and follows the NCERT norms with being the 1185th best school in the entire nation. The school focuses on the holistic development of their student and suggests play way as an effective method of teaching. The school has its suburb for junior classes and eventually the students are transferred to the main building. The school primarily focus on all major activities that can enhance the physical and mental well being of students, including yoga and sports. During the initial stages, the school began by being affiliated to the local state board and in 2003 it became a part of the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school has a motto which states - Children need Models, not Critics. This has been effectively showcased by the students who brought laurels to this institution in various activities. In the year 1998, around 1200 students took part in a cultural activity of the school and sang Ranbheri, a patriotic song which was written by Lt. Shri Ram Kumar Bharatiya in 1930 during the Savinay Avagya Movement against the Britishers. The song was performed as a video and telecasted globally and made its position in the Limca Book of Records. The video is still on their YouTube page.