ⓘ Aquiles Este is an American brand consultant, semiotician, published author, and college professor. He is an early proponent of the study of sign replication, t ..


ⓘ Aquiles Este

Aquiles Este is an American brand consultant, semiotician, published author, and college professor. He is an early proponent of the study of sign replication, the digital spread of beliefs, and social media shareability.


1. Early life and education

Este was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He studied journalism and advertising at Universidad Central de Venezuela. He later went to Universidade de São Paulo and Universidade Catolica de São Paulo where he obtained a doctorate degree in Semiotics and Communication Science.

He returned to Caracas and worked as a dean at ProDiseño, one of the most awarded design schools in Latin America. He then traveled to New York City to work on Computational Linguistics with New York University’s linguist, Ray C. Dougherty. As a visiting scholar at NYU’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, Este conducted a research project on the interrelation of Charles S. Peirce’s concept of sign replication and Marshall McLuhan’s media theories, this under the guidance of rhetorician Neil Postman, the founder of Media Ecology.

Back in Caracas, Este taught Corporate Branding at Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion IESA, a business school in Latin America. In 2009 he entered the United States under an EB1-A Extraordinary Ability Green Card.


2. Career

Este started his career as Creative Vice President for Lowe. He conducted the branding programs for cities and countries in the Americas, including Panama and Belize. He has experience of thirty years commanding all types of brands in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. He has worked in categories such as commercial, political, personal, and destination brands. In 2016, Este coined the term polimercial brands, refering to commercial products and services that need to position themselves on social and political issues." Polimercial brands are the most challenging topic in the practice of contemporary marketing”. He is a permanent contributor to the New York Times.

In 2016, Este’s social listening models were used by the British consultancy Social Data Intelligence to predict the United States National Election results. As of 2021, he teaches Brand Content Management at the University of Miami, Herbert Business School and consults on branding and crisis management for regional leaders and international corporations.


2.1. Career Publications

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3. Recognition

Este was listed as" one of the most serious experts in the study of cultural replication” by Alejandro Piscitelli, one of the leading international authorities in digital communications.