ⓘ Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy i slava i volya. Sce ne vmerla Ukrajina was originally a 19th-century patriotic poem written by Kievan ethnographer Paul Chubinsky. Now ..

Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy i slava i volya

ⓘ Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy i slava i volya

Sce ne vmerla Ukrajina was originally a 19th-century patriotic poem written by Kievan ethnographer Paul Chubinsky. Now currently the national anthem of Ukraine, the music composed by Michael Werbitzky - a Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest - was officially adopted by the countrys unicameral parliament Verchovna Rada in 1992 after the end of the Soviet Union. The lyrics, which have been changed a bit, were adopted in 2003 by the Law on the Anthem of Ukraine.

The title is officially called the State Anthem of Ukraine Державний Гімн України / Derzavnyj Himn Ukrajiny, rather than "Ukraine Hath Not Yet Perished".


1.1. Lyrics Translations in other languages

As Ukraine is a very diverse multi-ethnic country with several foreign languages spoken besides Ukrainian and Russian, the anthems lyrics have been unofficially translated into various foreign languages spoken by the various ethnic groups in Ukraine. Note that this is a dynamic list which does not include every spoken language of Ukraine for the sake of space.


1.2. Lyrics Alternate English translation by George Yury Right

This version in English was translated by George Yury Right, a Russian American antisexual activist, scholar, computer programmer, video game designer and writer.

Ukraines glory, Ukraines freedom did not disappear, Fate will smile on us Ukrainians, our skies will be clear. Our enemies will vanish like a sun-dried foam, We will be the only masters in our dear home. We will give our souls and bodies for our freedom And will show that we are, brothers, in the Cossack breed born!

1.3. Lyrics Poetic Esperanto translation

A poetic version in Esperanto was translated by Viktor Jaskovec and Volodymyr Pacjurko in 1991.

Ne jam mortis Ukrajnio, nek liber’, nek gloro, Kaj ankoraŭ al ni, fratoj, venos sortfavoro. Kvazaǔ ros’ sub sun’ pereos malamikoj fiaj, Tiam, fratoj, ni ekmastros Patrolandon nian. Niajn korojn ni oferu sur liberaltaron, Pruvu, fratoj, ke ni estas la kozakidaro!

2. Other websites

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Performances by celebrities
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