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Athelbald of Wessex

Athelbald, also spelled Æthelbald or Ethelbald was a West Saxon nobleman. In 856 he was King of Wessex while his father was in Rome. When Athelwulf returned, Athelbald refused to step down. To avoid a civil war, Athelwulf gave his son the kingdom of Wessex and became sub-king of Kent.


ⓘ 830s births

  • Eochaid, king of Scots who ruled with Giric. Not much is known about the birth of NN ingen except it happened around 834, somewhere in Scotland. She was
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  • Aghlabid dynasty colonises emirates in Sicily and then raids Southern Italy. 830 House of Wisdom, a library and translation institute, made by al - Ma mun
  • Enumeration District: 27 Image: 830 0. Errico, Marcus July 11, 1996 Actor Harry Morgan Arrested E MASH Star s Abuse Case Is Dismissed Los Angeles
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  • between 830 - 841, and was one of the sons of Liudolf, Duke of Saxony, and Gisela, the daughter of Everhart Friuli and Geslea of Franks. Otto s uncle was
  • lists roughly 1, 040 works in 2, 980 publications in 22 languages and 90, 830 library holdings. This list is not finished you can help Wikipedia by adding
  • This title was also on coins made in the former Mercian port of London. In 830 Wiglaf returned to power in Mercia, but the gains of Kent and southwest England
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  • and his father was king of Dal Riata. Not much is known about Kenneth s birth except he was born around 810 in Iona, Argyllshire and was the son of King
  • American sports journalist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the WCCO 830 AM radio station. He was also a 20 - year panelist on the weekly Sports Show